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Our Pool Day Essentials For Toddlers

*This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Our Pool Day Essentials For Toddlers |

Living in San Diego, we are super fortunate to have access to pools and warm weather year-round. Now that Allie older and the weather is getting warmer again, we decided to get Allie into the pool for the first time back in April. While her first pool experience didn’t go quite as we had anticipated, she now loves swimming. The moment we let her out of her stroller, she heads right for the water (don’t worry, one of us is ALWAYS with her). It’s adorable to see how much she loves it now.

We’ve been to the pool many times over the last couple months so we’ve acquired some great essentials we always pack in our pool bag. These items ensure that our toddler stays happy and our pool day goes smoothly. So here’s a peak into what is in our toddler’s pool bag!

Our Infant/Toddler Pool Day Essentials | Mainely Keating

Our Infant/Toddler Pool Day Essentials | Mainely Keating

Our Infant/Toddler Pool Day Essentials | Mainely Keating

Sun Protection. First and foremost, you absolutely need some sun protection. This is so important, especially for little ones. Be sure to have a great sunscreen with a high SPF and re-apply it as needed. We also carry a sunhat and sunglasses for Allie as well and try to keep them on her as long as she’ll allow.

Towels. Pretty straight forward here! I recommend packing one for each person along with an extra one just in case it’s needed.

Swim Diapers. If your little one’s swimsuit doesn’t have it built in, be sure to bring some swim diapers. We typically bring disposable ones, but you can also pick up some reusable ones if you prefer. Whichever works best for you.

Side note for first time moms: the disposable swim diapers have ZERO absorbency. Like not even a little bit. I learned that the hard way when I decided to make a stop at Starbucks prior to hitting the pool. I went to get Allie out of her car seat when we arrived at Starbucks and she was SOAKED. We didn’t end up at the pool that day. Instead, we ended up back at home so I could deep clean her car seat and toss all our clothes in the wash. Lesson learned! Now, we either go straight from house to pool or I’ll wait until we get to the pool to change her into her swim diaper.

Diapers + Wipes. Again, pretty straight forward. If you have a baby or toddler, it’s a given that you’ll be carrying diapers and wipes with you. I like to get Allie changed into a clean, dry diaper once she’s done swimming and wipes are super handy to have to clean up any messes that may occur while you’re out. We always have wipes on us!

A Change Of Clothes. I don’t always pack a change of clothes since we live right around the corner from the pool. But if we’re going somewhere like the beach or it’s a little cooler outside when we’re at the pool then I’ll pack a change of clothes. That way Allie isn’t having to sit in wet clothes in the car or in her stroller as we walk home. Sometimes I’ll also toss in Allie’s bath robe which she loves! This keeps her warmer on the walk home while also helping to soak up some of the water.

Our Infant/Toddler Pool Day Essentials | Mainely Keating

Our Infant/Toddler Pool Day Essentials | Mainely Keating

Sandals or Swim Shoes. Now that Allie is walking around, I always pack shoes for her when we’re out. She doesn’t have swim shoes yet so for now we just pack a cute pair of sandals. The pool deck can be very hot so these keep her little feet protected. For the beach, swim shoes are even better because they can wear them into the water without having to worry about them stepping on shells or anything else sharp that can be hidden in the water or sand.

Wet Bag. I love keeping a wet bag in our car and taking it to the pool with us. It’s a great way to keep wet/dirty clothes separate from dry/clean clothes and anything else you may have in your beach bag. So once we change Allie out of her bathing suit, it goes directly into the bag to be tossed in the washing machine when we get home. Super easy!

A Great Pool Float. Lastly, we always bring Allie’s SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy when we go to the pool. If you read our post on water safety, then you know that it took some time to ease Allie into the water for the first time. Now she’s been back to the pool multiple times and she loves it!

We picked up the Baby Spring Float at Target and it’s helped so much in getting Allie used to the water. This float is made for babies ages 9 to 24 months old and is the #1 selling baby float in the United States. It also comes with a removable canopy with 50+ UPF sun protection so it’s an added layer of protection from the sun on her skin. Another thing we really love about this float (which helped us a ton with getting Allie in the water) was the mesh play space. This space was the perfect place for toys as we were easing her in. I think it kept her entertained and distracted as we moved the float around a bit.

SwimWays is an industry leader in helping children learn to swim and promoting water safety so I knew this would be the perfect product to try out with Allie.When you’re all done using it, the float folds up super easily and comes with a bag to carry it in. Since we typically walk to the pool as opposed to driving, being able to carry it is really helpful for me.

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Pool Toys. We used Allie’s bath and pool toys to help ease her into the water. She was terrified of it the first time we brought her to the pool so having toys for her to play with helped a lot. For kids that already love the water, toys can help entertain them even more in the water.

Our Infant/Toddler Pool Day Essentials | Mainely Keating

Our Infant/Toddler Pool Day Essentials | Mainely Keating

Our Infant/Toddler Pool Day Essentials | Mainely Keating

Mini First Aid Kit. This has yet to ever be used, BUT it never hurts to have a few bandaids on hand, especially when you’re at the beach or the pool or other miscellaneous outings. Kids are notorious for getting hurt so being prepared is important.

Hand Sanitizer. I’m not a germaphobe by any means, but having hand sanitizer on you is always so helpful when you’re out with little ones. Especially at a public pool or beach. I find I use hand sanitizer so much more often in these types of situations.

Snacks and Water. Now that Allie is a toddler, it’s been super important that we keep a sippy cup of water and some snacks with us at all times. I also make sure Zack and I each have a bottle of water packed as well. It can be very easy to get dehydrated when you’re out in the sun for extended periods of time so make sure you’re keeping everyone hydrated and happy!

Camera. If I’m out with Allie, my camera is with me. Always. Little ones grow so fast and I promise you’ll never regret having photos of your outings with them.

Ziplock Bag For Electronics. I always have a safe place to keep my phone and camera whenever we’re around water. This could be a whole separate bag, a Lifeproof phone case or even something as simple as a Ziplock bag. Whatever works best for you.

Wristlet For Important Items: When I say ‘important items’, I mean the car keys, wallet, ID, money, etc. Super simple, but this just keeps those big items in a safe, easy to find place.

Our Infant/Toddler Pool Day Essentials | Mainely Keating

Our Infant/Toddler Pool Day Essentials | Mainely Keating

And there you have it! All of our toddler pool day essentials. We are so excited to spend our summer at the pool with Allie and thanks to our pool bag, our trips to the pool are stress-free!

Let’s Chat! What are your toddler pool day essentials? Let me know in the comments below!






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