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10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Blog

10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Blog | Keating & Co.

It’s almost springtime which means it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning our lives.  I love spring cleaning.  I know.  It’s weird.  But I’m typically a clean and organized person so it’s refreshing to do one big clean up a couple times a year.  It’s nice to get rid of things I don’t need anymore and really downsize my belongings if possible.  And if you’re a blogger, then this would be a great time to clean up your blog while you’re at it.  It’s so easy to get disorganized in your blogging every once in a while so sometimes a major clean up is necessary.  I started my clean up back in January and am still working it all.  It’s a process.  So today I’m sharing 10 ways you can spring clean your blog!

Update all pages.

This includes (but is not limited to) your About Me, contact page, services, advertising/pr, etc.  I try to update my pages every month, but I admit I don’t.  But it’s good to double check them and make sure all the information is accurate.  Your contact info should be correct, your bio should still pertain to your life, the pricing for your services should be accurate, your blog stats should be up to date.  Whatever it may be, the information should be up to date.  Simple as that.

Remove posts that aren’t relevant.

I hate having to delete posts that I know I worked hard on.  But if it doesn’t fit your content, then it really wouldn’t do you much good to keep it around.  For example, I  typically write about marriage, military life, blogging, and beauty with a mix of lifestyle posts in there as well.  But if I went back through my older content and saw one for a chicken pot pie recipe, then I’d say it’s safe to say that it can be deleted since it’s completely irrelevant to my blog.  It’s also perfectly okay if your blogging niche changes.  It happens!  If it’s a post that you worked hard on and really can’t delete, then maybe see if another site will take it as a guest post!  What way it’s off your blog, but still out there for everyone to enjoy.

Clean out your sidebar.

I’m horrible at keeping my sidebar neat and organized.  I’ll clean it out and then a few weeks later, it’s cluttered with miscellaneous widgets that no one cares about.  The top things I recommend your sidebar has is a short bio, social media links, a search bar, and a place to subscribe.  Everything else is a free for all.  But make sure it’s not cluttered!  Your readers should easily be able to find everything they need without any issues.

Update/remove images from your media library.

Sometimes I upload images and then never use them.  They’re just sitting around in my media library not being used.  Rather than letting them take up space, it’s a good idea to go through and delete any images that aren’t being used in posts or on your blog pages.  Once you have it down to just the photos that are actually on your blog, you should then go through and make sure they’re all labeled properly.  Yes, this can be super tedious, but it’s necessary to do at some point.

Update your page images.

Speaking of images, it’s good to change up your profile photos (and any other photos for that matter) with something new and fresh.  This goes for your About Me page, your sidebar bio, and any other pages you have that contain images (contact page, services, pr/advertising, etc.).  It’s a simple way to make a page feel brand new again.

Check for broken links.

This can be sooooo tedious SO I’m using an awesome plugin for this instead called Broken Link Checker (pretty simple).  Broken Link Checker monitors the links in your posts, pages, and comments.  It will give you feedback of any broken links that no longer work, redirects, and missing images.  Within minutes of installing it, it gave me a whole list to go through and check.  I can then look at each item on the list and determine if it needs to be edited, ignored, or removed.  It does all the work for me so that I don’t have to go through and manually check out every link on my blog which saves so much time and energy.  The one thing I do recommend, though is to adjust the settings to not include comments.  It found hundreds of broken links just from comments when all I wanted was for it to check my own posts and pages.  But at least it does its job!

Popular posts.

I currently have four (?) popular posts listed in my sidebar.  This is another thing that I ideally would like to change every month, but it doesn’t always happen.  SO when it’s time to do some spring cleaning, swap out your featured posts with newer content that your readers will love!  This is even a great way to drive traffic to older blog posts that may not have gotten as much love as you wanted them to get the first time around.

Remove unused categories and tags.

I tend to create way too many categories.  I’m constantly going back and forth with having a few broad categories and making all my content fit into them and creating a bunch of categories so that everything is properly organized.  Sometimes it’s a mess back here.  So every once in a while, I like to go through and make sure everything is in their proper category and delete the categories that either aren’t being used or aren’t needed.  Typically if you only have a few posts under that category, then it can probably be deleted.

Update your navigation bar.

Like my categories, my navigation bar can sometimes become super cluttered.  I’m constantly fighting with myself on which categories I want to include in it and how in-depth I want everything organized.  So take the time to remove any categories or pages from your navigation bar that may not pertain to your blog anymore.  You can also reorganize everything if necessary.  This is where your readers go to find out more about your blog and what you write about so it’s important to make it easy to navigate and find things!

Update your design.

I just went through a whole re-brand so there wasn’t much I had to do design-wise, but I did end up changing my color scheme.  I didn’t want it to match as much with my other business venture.  So this color scheme now features turquoise!  A whole re-brand isn’t always necessary, but even just switching up your logo or color scheme or blog layout can make a world of a difference.

About halfway through this post, I realized there are so many things you can do to spring clean your social media as well, so stay tuned for part 2 of this spring cleaning series!

What changes will you be making to your blog this month?  Will you be doing some spring cleaning?


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