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Sooo excited to have picked up @michelleobama’s book. I rarely pick up biographies/autobiographies but I’ve had this release date on my calendar for quite some time now. This woman is truly remarkable and inspiring. Anyone else reading this? Let me know your thoughts! •
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Sooo excited to have picked...

Little girl had her very first snow day today! Our little California baby was a little iffy at first but by the end of it, she was happily eating the snow 😍😂 now we just need to get her some snowpants and boots 👌🏻
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Little girl had her very...

[ad] I'm a girl who loves a good manicure so I love to save time and money by doing my nails myself at home. Between constantly typing on my computer, cleaning the house, and chasing a toddler my nails really taking a beating. Because of this, my “manicures” tend to last me maybe 24 hours if I’m lucky. At that point, I was doing my nails on the daily and ain’t no mama got time for that! This week I'm sharing my love for @cndworld and my top tips for getting a flawless manicure from the comfort of your own home! #CNDVINYLUXatRA #sponsored •
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[ad] I'm a girl who...

First Starbucks holiday drink of the season! Anyone else just LOVE red cup season?...although my cup is green 🤔 but that's beside the point. The point is that we're finally headed into the holidays and this girl couldn't be more excited for it 🙌🏻
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First Starbucks holiday drink of...

Doesn’t this adorable little country store just scream New England?! 😍 just a sort 10 minute drive from Portland, the Town Landing Market can be found in Falmouth Foreside, Maine and is on my list of must-see’s if you’re visiting the Portland area. •
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Doesn’t this adorable little country...

Instagram vs reality (swipe to see the second photo 😉). We attempted to get some Instagram photos this morning and the little one wasn’t having it 😂 mom blogging is hard y’all. •
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Instagram vs reality (swipe to...

15 Week Bumpdate

15 Week Bumpdate |

As promised, this is my first trimester recap. If you missed our pregnancy announcement, you can check it out here. The first trimester seemed to go by super quickly, but that’s because it’s practically over by the time you actually find out you’re pregnant and see a doctor. Which, by the way was a super frustrating process…quick story…

We called Tricare a couple of days after I found out I was pregnant to set me up with a new doctor here. They had NO ONE in San Diego for me close to base. So they got me a doctor at Camp Pendleton…almost an hour away. I called my new doctor to set up an appointment and was told I first have to go to the lab and confirm the pregnancy. So thankfully we were able to drive the hour to Pendleton that afternoon and have it confirmed by that night. So I was happy there. But then they gave me an OB registration packet to fill out and told me to call back the following day to schedule a registration appointment.

I called the following day and they confirmed that I was just over 6 weeks along and was due May 15th. That was super exciting to me! But then he told me my registration wouldn’t be until October 11th…three weeks later. What?! And this wasn’t even a doctors visit. It was just to go over medical history with a nurse and get some informational packets and do my pre-natal labs and all that. So there I was 9 weeks pregnant and I still hadn’t seen a doctor. Which was very frustrating to me because my anxiety was telling me something was going to go wrong if I didn’t see a doctor ASAP. Thankfully I Google just about everything so a lot of the information I was told at that first appointment, I already knew. So I was good to go by the time I saw a doctor.

THEN I finally saw my doctor and discovered I was actually 10 days behind where we all thought I was thanks to a super frustrating and irregular cycle. So rather than being 10 weeks, 1 day, I was actually 8  weeks, 5 days. So that was a little bit of a bummer, BUT I got to see our little munchkin which was the coolest thing EVER! But then my doctor told me my next appointment wouldn’t be until 16 weeks…7 weeks later.

You guys, this is such annoying process already. You’d think they’d make a pregnancy more of a priority but NOPE! And after asking a few people, I found out this is normal? Which didn’t make much sense to me. That first trimester is so scary because so much could go wrong. I didn’t want to end up having a miscarriage and then find out later that it was my fault because I did something I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do. I wanted to be fully informed right from the start. Does this make sense? This is anxiety for ya.

And for my last vent, my doctors are all super unhelpful. I was literally handed a book and told to read it. That’s it! No one asked me how I was feeling. No one asked me about symptoms or went over foods I should/shouldn’t be eating or talked to me about my workouts or ANYTHING. Like if I didn’t consult Google for absolutely everything under the sun, I’d literally be in the dark this whole time. I’d know nothing. Thank God for amazing family and friends who have been better doctors to me than my own doctors these past couple months.

ANYWAYS enough of the stress. Here’s my 15 week ‘bumpdate’!

15 Week Bumpdate |

15 Week Bumpdate |


As of today I am 15 weeks, 2 days.


About the size of an apple or a pear weighing around 2.5 ounces and measuring 4 inches! Which is kind of crazy to me considering I’m really not showing at all. How is it possible that there’s a 4-inch person in there and yet it doesn’t show on the outside? I don’t understand this craziness.


Nada! I’ve always fluctuated between 120 and 123 pounds and I’m still in that range. At the end of the day, I’ll sometimes be 124 or 125, but I also eat WAY too much between the hours of 5 o’clock and 10 o’clock sooooo…that’s understandable. My abs are gone though. No bump yet, but there’s some pudge there from bloating. So that’s depressing.


Currently unknown but hoping for a boy! We should find out in 3ish weeks (we hope!). 


I felt symptoms within a week of conceiving. Which might sound strange, but the very first symptom I had, was nausea which typically doesn’t occur until around week 6 or so. But I had it almost instantly. Zack spent a good 10-15 minutes in the bathroom with me at my parent’s wedding reception because I felt like I was going to throw up. So horrible. But this really just lasted a few days.

Once we arrived in California, my main symptoms were bloating, slight lower back pain, very sore boobs, and extreme exhaustion. Nothing bad at all. I actually just assumed I was about to get my period. For the most part, these have been my main symptoms throughout the entire first trimester and it really wasn’t as bad as everyone says it is. I had a two-week period where I felt 100% normal which scared the crap out of me because I’ve heard first trimester horror stories. I instantly thought something was wrong and I wasn’t pregnant anymore. Now, I’m back to feeling almost 100% normal so I’ve learned to just accept it.

I was thrilled when slight nausea set in at 8 weeks. No joke. I was so happy. It meant everything was normal in there. But the nausea really didn’t last long and some might not even consider it nausea. It lasted maybe a few days. I quickly realized it was because I was taking showers in the morning. I’d wake up feeling perfectly fine, take a shower and BAM. Instant nausea. And then it would take me 2-3 hours to move past it before I could actually function and do things. So I really just stopped taking showers in the morning for a week or so and it instantly fixed it. I also have my purse stocked up on mints as well which instantly calms any upset stomach I have. I’ve never thrown up or anything like that though. So it’s really been pretty calm there.

I really cannot complain about my first trimester. For a good majority of it, I’ve felt relatively normal. Next to no symptoms, I’m still at the gym 5-6 days a week, I’m still working and getting things done. I get tired a little faster some days, but it really has been easy. Compared to some others, my first trimester was a breeze. Thank God.

15 Week Bumpdate |


My pre-pregnancy body…

Really, the only issue I’ve had in all this is my depression. That hit almost instantly. In all honesty you guys, I really hate being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy I’m able to carry my own child and have this experience. I really am. I am so unbelievably thankful for that and am so excited to be starting our family. But I hate the process so much. I just don’t feel like myself some days. It’s the changes to my body that’s getting to me the most. My stomach is looking so horrible which is killing my self-confidence and self-esteem. I went from having toned abs (that I worked super hard for when Zack was away) to having a stomach that just wont flatten out anymore. I’m not looking forward to the weight gain and baby bump at all and I’ve actually already cried over it on multiple occasions. And at this point I’m sooooo tired of everyone telling me I’ll love it or telling me I’m overreacting.

Unless you’ve had body image issues in the past (or currently do) then you’re probably just not going to understand it from my point of view. I’m having a very hard time with it. Pregnancy just isn’t going to be something I’m fully able to accept. But I’m still working out and eating right and keeping up all my usual habits so my fingers are crossed that this is a belly only pregnancy. No other weight gain. And I’ve already bookmarked so many post-pregnancy work outs as well so I’m extremely determined! I’m hoping I’m wrong and I’m able to accept it more moving forward, but for now, I’m really hating it.


I’m still in all my normal clothing. I’m very fortunate (and excited) that my pregnancy will be through the winter months. I have no problem living in leggings and comfy sweaters. That’s already my typical winter attire. I’m definitely not wasting my money on maternity clothes. I just can’t justify it when I’ll only be wearing them for a very short amount of time. Plus I just don’t find maternity clothes to be attractive either. So I’m super against it. Thankfully, a good majority of my winter wardrobe will work when pregnant. I’ll probably buy my tank tops in a larger size for under my comfy sweaters since those are more form-fitting, but that’s about it.


I really don’t have any weird cravings. I was hoping I would, but I don’t. It’s mainly just foods that I typically crave, but don’t let myself eat as often. Like ice cream. I love ice cream, but it’s not something I feel the need to buy for the house or have on a daily or even weekly basis. Until now. We always buy ice cream at the store and I’m constantly wanting a Sonic milkshake. Love them. I’ve also been wanting cheeseburgers and fries as well. Again, foods that I love but don’t eat as often. So nothing crazy!

15 Week Bumpdate |


Oh gosh, the feels. Like I mentioned above, I’m really just feeling a little on the sad/depressed side some days. It’s been a struggle. But I really am so excited at the same time. I’ve been going to prenatal yoga classes every week so it’s been super helpful to be surrounded by others who are also pregnant. I always leave feeling better and a little more accepting of the changes my body is going through. These classes are going to be crucial to my mental health these next few months. Lastly, I’m slightly nervous for my next appointment. I haven’t seen a doctor since I was almost 9 weeks so I’m just really hoping everything is still okay in there. Having a baby when you also have anxiety is so horrible!


Finding out the gender! I’ve literally been stressing over this. I’m more than ready to know and it’s crazy to me that we’re already so close to knowing! I’m only 5 weeks from the halfway mark too. So strange. But exciting!


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