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5 Helpful Parenting Resources For Military Families

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way, a TRICARE breast pump provider. All opinions are entirely my own.

5 Helpful Parenting Resources For Military Families |

Like most couples, becoming first-time parents was a bit overwhelming and stressful, to say the least. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant like it was yesterday. Same with the day I gave birth to our daughter. Both moments were equally exciting and terrifying all at the same time. But it doesn’t have to be as scary as it may seem. Thankfully being a military family, we had / have access to so many amazing resources to help us transition into parenthood with less stress. Everything from hosted baby showers to parenting classes to Insurance Breast Pumps through TRICARE. As new parents, we are so thankful for the resources we have available to us so today I’m teaming up with 1 Natural Way to share five helpful parenting resources for military families.

New Parent Program

The New Parent Program is a great program for new parents. The program is staffed by nurses, social workers, and home visitation specialists and offers everything from playgroups to prenatal and parenting classes to supportive home visits to expectant and current parents. Not many families know about this program and all the benefits it provides new parents, so be sure to check the availability on your current base and/or ask your doctor for more information.

Child Development Center

For families with two working parents, childcare is a necessity. And depending on where you’re stationed, it could also be very hard to find. Unlike a lot of “normal” families, military families don’t always have the luxury of being able to call up grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. to watch their little ones. So military installations all across the country (as well as overseas) offer childcare at their Child Development Centers for families who may need it. Prices vary depending on your service member’s rank, but they’re generally pretty consistent across all military bases and branches.

It’s important to keep in mind that some centers may have a wait list so it’s important to get your little one on the list ASAP. I know some who have gotten their names on the list while still in their first trimester. So don’t forget to check in on the wait times in your area.

When Your Husband Becomes A Father |

Free Breast Pumps and Supplies Through TRICARE

Did you know TRICARE covers the cost of breast pumps and other miscellaneous breastfeeding supplies? For mamas who go the breastfeeding route, this can be an excellent resource! 1 Natural Way offers moms multiple pump options such as Medela, Spectra, and Kiinde brands. Each and every pump model is covered under your TRICARE insurance plan at no extra cost to you. They also offer various breastfeeding supplies and accessories, compression socks, and even postpartum care essentials. All of which is so helpful and important for new moms.

When purchasing through 1 Natural Way, you can ensure that the process of receiving your free breast pump is quick, easy and painless. 1 Natural Way handles all the communication between your insurance provider and your doctor on your behalf so it’s one less thing you have to worry about in your pregnancy. To get started, you can fill out this form on the 1 Natural Way website. It’s a very easy process:

  • Step 1: Fill out the form with your insurance and personal information.
  • Step 2: Select your breast pump model (again, all are covered under TRICARE!).
  • Step 3: Enroll in Resupply – the 1 Natural Way monthly breastfeeding accessories program.
  • Step 4: Provide 1 Natural Way with a prescription and/or your doctor’s information.
  • Step 5: Your pump and supplies will be sent straight to your front door via USPS or UPS.

It’s that easy! Insurance breast pumps can be quite pricey and as a new parent, you’re probably looking for ways to save money. So be sure to take advantage of this resource!

Operation Shower

For military families like us, Operation Shower can be a true blessing. Operation Shower hosts fun baby showers for military families all across the shower. These showers provide families with high-quality baby products for their little ones while also celebrating the new life they’re about to bring into the world. We didn’t participate in these events when I was pregnant as I was very fortunate to have gotten so many amazing gifts sent to us from friends and family. But so many military spouses (such as myself), are unable to have real baby showers with their loved ones due to the distance. We live 3,000 miles from family so a traditional baby shower was out of the question. Operation Shower gives spouses that fun, shower experience while surrounded by so many other amazing women who are expecting little ones as well. If you’re homesick and want to participate in these sort of traditions, then you’ll love these events!

Free Parenting Classes Through TRICARE

Not only does TRICARE offer military families with free breast pumps, but they also provide families with free parenting classes like Baby Boot Camp which teaches parents everything from changing diapers, washing a newborn and feeding tips and guidelines. Like many hospitals, they have birthing classes to help prep new parents for the labor and delivery process. And if you have older children, they also offer classes to help older siblings prepare for a new baby as well. All classes are free so the next time you’re at a prenatal appointment, be sure to ask your doctor for details, class times and how to sign up.

Do you use TRICARE Breast Pumps? What are your favorite resources available for military families?


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