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5 Month Check-In

5 Month Check-In | Why Hello Lovely

We’re already at our 5 month check-in?!  Wow!  Just month away from the halfway point.  I almost don’t know what to say in this update.  It came up so quickly that I almost forgot about it!  As most of you know, Zack went back to Japan 3 (?) weeks ago and I’ve now officially settled back into my daily routine around here.  I’ve been quite busy around here due to the fact that I’ve taken on a lot of projects and commitments since he left in August.  I guess I’ve had some pretty big updates this past month so this post may get a little long!

Marriage / Military

So far, I’m handling the distance a lot better than I did the first time around.  I think this time it was a bit easier because I was already established here when he left again.  When he left in August, I was literally starting over and creating a brand new life without him and I didn’t handle that well at all.  It hurt me a lot to have to build a life that didn’t really include him.  Now, I’m moved into my own place and I have my own routine every day so it was just a matter of getting myself back on my schedule.  Of course I miss him like crazy every day, but it’s manageable.

We will also hopefully be finding out within the next month where we’ll be moving to at the end of the summer.  He requested Beaufort, SC so our fingers are crossed that that’s where we end up.  We’d love to go back to our life in North Carolina, but we really don’t think that will happen since he was already stationed there for 5 years.  We’ll have to wait and see!

5 Month Check-In | High Heels & Combat Boots


I’ve had LOTS of awesome things happening for me school-wise this month.  First off, I’m currently finishing up my bachelors degree.  I am a week away from finishing up this semester and am still going strong with my 4.0 GPA (*knock on wood*).  I have one class that I know for a fact will be an A.  My second one will most likely be an A as well.  I’m not too worried about it.  But then I have my third class.  Oh that dreaded third class.  That one is hovering between a 92 and a 93 (it has to be a 93+ in order to be an A and allow me to keep my 4.0).  So that one is a bit scary right now.  I’m holding my breath as I await the grade for my final project.

I have two semesters left (5 classes total) before I complete my program in June.  I also just applied for graduation last week which is super crazy to me.  It feels so strange to be so close to being done!  On a side note though, I ran into a slight issue when applying for graduation…so now it’s story time…

Long story, short (well, as short as I can make it): in order to walk at graduation with a gold tassel and receive ceremonial honors, you need to have 45 institutional credits along with meeting GPA requirements (3.8 or higher for a gold tassel and summa cum laude [highest honor you can achieve]).  Well here was my issue.  Since I transferred to SNHU from another university, I will only have completed 42 institutional credits by the time I complete my program….ONE CLASS AWAY from the 45 credits needed.  This just about killed me.  As someone who has a 4.0 GPA and has worked her ass off to achieve that, I felt that I deserved to walk with my gold tassel and graduate with high honors.

I contacted my advisor to see what he could do, but he couldn’t get them to waive the additional course.  So I decided I’ll have to add an additional course to my next term so that I meet all requirements.  The issue with that is that financial aid will not cover it.  I have financial aid left over for next term, but since the course isn’t part of my program then it wont be covered.  And of course billing doesn’t set up payment plans and all courses have to be paid for before the start of the term.  I was completely crushed. Lucky for me, my dad and sister will be loaning me the money needed to take the course and we’ll be paying them back at the end of the month (Thank God.  I literally cried when my baby sister offered to loan me the money.  She’s way too sweet).  SO long story, short, I will be graduating with my gold tassel and summa cum laude this May!

In addition to applying for graduation, I also submitted my application for my graduate program and it’s been accepted (pending my graduation in May).  This August, I will officially be starting my MBA in Marketing at SNHU (or sports management…I really need to decide soon!).  I love my school so much that there was no way I could possibly transfer to another for my master’s degree.  I’m so nervous to be starting it, but so excited at the same time!  My MBA program is about 15 months long so in theory, I’ll be completing it in October 2017.

I’m also a Peer Leader at my school as well as the Vice President of my school’s communications club.  Luckily neither one has required too much attention lately which has allowed me to focus on everything else I have going on.

Lastly, last week I got invited to become a member of my school’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi) which I’m super excited about.  I really wanted to have honors societies on my resume and have those accomplishments so I couldn’t be more proud of myself.  Sigma Alpha Pi requires students to have a 3.8 (?) GPA or higher in order to get invited in so it makes me feel awesome to know my hard work is paying off.  This honors society will also provide me with a ton of scholarships and career and educational resources as well so it’s going to be really good for me!

5 Month Check-In | High Heels & Combat Boots

Career / Internships

I just started an internship with The Samantha Show and Network Media Collective this week.  I did Samantha’s blog mentorship program back in October and learned so much from her so I’m super excited to be working with her again (if you’re ready to take your blog to the next level then I highly recommend you check out her mentorship program!).  I know this will teach me a lot about running a blog, working with sponsors, social media management, and so much more!

I also just scored a summer internship with the Portland Sea Dogs which is a minor league baseball team here in Portland, ME.  I had my interview early last week and was so nervous for it.  I literally haven’t had an interview in almost two years and I’ve never applied for an internship either.  So it was very nerve-wracking.  I left, feeling like I had completely messed it up.  That night, he emailed me asking for my availability for the summer and then I got the official call two days later!  I can’t wait to start.

Aside from working from home on this wonderful blog and on Blush PR, my ultimate career goal would be to work on the PR team for the New England Patriots.  Ultimate dream right there.  How amazing would that be?!  So hopefully this internship will be the first step towards reaching that goal!

5 Month Check-In | High Heels & Combat Boots

Blog Life

I admit, I haven’t been the best blogger this month, but that’s because it’s taken some time to settle back into my schedule after Zack left.  I have so many amazing plans for this blog this year.  I am working on a ton of updates on here so hopefully everything will be up to date and looking awesome within the next few weeks!

I’m also working on building Blush PR.  This is my newest business venture that I’m still brainstorming and tweaking.  I’m hoping to launch it by the end of the year, but we’ll see.  I clearly have a lot going on at the moment so this may or may not happen anytime soon.  I’ll have to go with the flow and see what happens.  But it’s in progress so stay tuned!

As you can see I’ve been rather busy!  But I really wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’m actually so impressed with myself for being able to balance everything that I’m balancing right now.  It’s insane to me.  If you had asked me to balance this much at once a few years ago, I literally would have died from stress.  No joke.  I was working three jobs while balancing school at one point in order to move to North Carolina to be with Zack and that was an incredibly stressful time period for me.  I failed miserably at it.  So it’s quite impressive that I’m not only balancing all of this with minimal stress, but I’m also thriving.  I’m so excited to move forward into the next month!

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