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6 Things We Want To Do Before Having A Second Baby

6 Things We Want To Do Before Having A Second Baby

Now that Allie is a year old, the topic of baby #2 has come up a few times in conversation. For me, I started to think about baby #2 when Allie was probably 9 or 10 months old. I had started to think about it and start picturing what our life would be like with a second. Then the moment she turned one, I decided yes. I want a second baby. It was instant for me. The day she turned one, it all clicked in my brain and to be honest, I could have gotten right to making a second right then and there! Seriously. I most certainly see us with two and it’s so challenging some days to see my newsfeeds filled with new babies. It makes me nostalgic.

Zack isn’t quite on that same page yet. We both agree we want a second little one running around, but right now just isn’t the “perfect” time. I’d be so happy if it were to happen on a whim but in terms of actually planning for a second (which is obviously what we prefer to do), there are a few things we’re really wanting to do/accomplish first. In a perfect world, we’d be trying for baby #2 sometime next year. But in the meantime, here’s what’s on our to-do list:

Reconnect With Each Other

First and foremost, I want to spend some time really focusing on my marriage. The first year after having a new baby is easily one of the most challenging years for any marriage. We were both spending that first year getting settled into our new roles as parents (I was also trying to settle into my new routine working from home) and now that we’re a lot more comfortable in our roles and in our everyday lives, it’s time to focus on us.

I’m a very firm believer in always putting marriage before kids because your marriage is the foundation of your family. And your family needs that foundation to be a strong one. So now that Allie is a toddler, we’ll be shifting our focus a bit and making sure we’re stronger and better than ever prior to adding another little one to our family.

Determine Where We Want To Plant Our Roots

At this point in time, we have no idea where we want to be living long term. And I take that choice very seriously. We already plan on moving back to Maine once Zack’s out of the military, but that’s honestly one of the last places I want to be raising Allie. I think we plan on being there for about a year (at most) and using that time to really focus on what we want and what our little family needs. We want to give ourselves enough time to collect ourselves after leaving the military lifestyle.

I also want the house we buy to be the house that we raise our family in. I don’t want to be moving every x years and possibly moving our kids between schools. I don’t want that for them. I want them to have a nice, stable childhood home. I look at this move as being pretty permanent. So we have a lot to think and talk about prior to actually buying a house and settling down for good. And I’d like to be in our long-term home before a second baby arrives as well.

Finish My Master’s Degree

As of right now, I’ll be graduating with my MS in Digital Marketing in May 2019 and will be completing the program in August 2019 (I think?…it’ll be sometime that summer, I just don’t know the exact date). I had taken a year off when Allie was born to focus on our family and now I’m back at it and ready to stay focused. So it’s important to me that I get my degree completed and out of the way before we add another baby to the picture.

6 Things We Want To Do Before Having A Second Baby |

Get My Body Back In Shape

It’s so important to me that my body is in the best shape ever prior to trying to conceive. I did this with Allie as well. I spent a good 12 months while Zack was in Japan to get myself to a really healthy point and it really made the conceiving process so much easier for us. It also set me up for success during my pregnancy as well because I already had good, healthy habits locked into my daily routine at that point. So continuing to stay healthy and have a healthy pregnancy was easier for me. So making sure my health is on point is crucial and non-negotiable for me.

Achieve Some Business Stability

In addition to finishing my master’s degree, there’s also some career goals I want to have accomplished first as well. I have so much in the works and planned out for this blog and the future of my career and there are certain milestones I want to be hitting within the next year. My ultimate goal is to be in a more stable place financially and with my business prior to working another child into my daily routine. Otherwise, I see a lot of these goals being put on hold to focus on the kids and that’s the last thing our family needs. We need more stability here. So this one is also non-negotiable for me.

Become More Financially Stable

The last thing on our list is tackling some of our bills. Our big bills are our car loans and credit cards (we each have two). I’d love to have one of the four paid off! This is a little bit of a bigger goal and will require a lot of hard work on our end, but I think eliminating one of those monthly bills will help us so much!

Adding to your family is a big decision whether it’s your first, second, third, or beyond. And it’s a decision we haven’t taken lightly! Tell me in the comments…

What was on your to-do list prior to having a second baby? How did you know when you were ready for baby #2?


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