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7 Goals For June

7 Goals For June |

You guys, June is going to me MY MONTH. Seriously. I am waking up this morning feeling so motivated and energized and excited for this new month. Life has been so busy this past month with Allie’s birthday and Mother’s Day and school and my blog. It was a crazy month around here. But I’m ready to say goodbye to May and move into June. And I have A LOT planned for the month of June.

Since I haven’t really put together a goals list in a few months I really wanted to take the time to do it this month. As I mentioned before, I have a lot planned for this new month so I feel that setting some goals will help ensure that I complete all my tasks I have on my to do list. So let’s get to it! . . .

Get My A$$ To The Gym. I know, I know. I’m constantly saying I’m going to do this. And I do do it. But then something comes up like a rough day and then my entire schedule and goals go out the door. Getting started and getting yourself into the good habits is always the hardest part so I feel that if I can get myself back to it this next week or two, it’s going to be a million times easier to stick with it and kick butt. So I’m doing it this month!

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Run/Jog 100 Miles. I was KILLING this goal a couple months ago and then I ended up with some really bad back, hip and knee pain. Being that I have scoliosis, I always take a step back when that area of my body is bothering me in any way. I don’t play around with that. But I figured it had something to do with my running sneakers. My feet are very flat and my sneakers had zero support. So I upgraded my running shoes to give myself some more support while running and my fingers are crossed that they allow me to get back to my running this month.

Read 3 Books. Again, I know this is always on my goals lists. But I’ve already downloaded some books (and started them) and I’m feeling very confident in my ability to complete this goal this month.

Cross 3 Items Off My San Diego Bucket List. We’re getting closer and closer to moving out of San Diego so I’m really wanting to hone in on the bucket list we created back when we first moved here in 2016. We’ve been so busy with Allie that we’ve completely neglected our list so I’d love to choose 3 fun activities to do this month.

Grow My YouTube Channel. If you don’t already know, then I finally started a YouTube channel last week. I’ve been wanting to start one for a while now and I am so excited to have finally started it. My goal is to post to YouTube 2-3 times a week so we’ll see if I’m able to do it! If you want to follow our adventures, then you can follow me here.

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Kill It On Instagram. I have been on the struggle bus when it comes to Instagram. I’ve talked about it a lot on Twitter recently. It’s just such a challenging platform for me sometimes. But I think I’m finally on a good path with it so this month I’m hoping to grow my following from 1,859 to 2,000. Not a huge jump, but just enough to get me over that 2k hurdle I’ve been working towards.

Take 60 Minutes Out Of Every Day To Focus On Myself. We’ve been busy. Very busy. And when life gets busy, it can be really easy to let self-care fall to the back burner. It’s a normal occurrence in our everyday lives. But while I’ve been doing really well with balancing everything, I know I need to be taking more time out of the day to focus on myself. I use all my “free time” to clean or work or get some homework done or whatever it may be which is great because I’m able to get everything done. But I want to use my free time to actually do something for myself and my mental health. So that’s my focus this month.

What are your goals for the month of June?