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8 Month Check-In

8 Month Check In | Keating & Co.

Holy moly you guys.  I really don’t know where the time is going all of a sudden.  I remember my month 6 check-in like it was yesterday so it’s crazy to think it was already too months ago.  As of today Zack has been away for eight months and it’s been about 4 months since I last saw him.  We are now just three short months away from being reunited.  Finally! 


So much has happened since my last update.  A couple weeks ago, I announced that we finally got new orders and will be moving to San Diego this fall!  Zack is being stationed at MCAS Miramar and we couldn’t be more excited for it.  We’re very happy to have the opportunity to see the west coast and live in California.  He’ll be back in PMO so there should be no more deployments between now and when he gets out in 2018 and he doesn’t have to be there until mid September which means he’ll be here for the wedding and to help me move.  It worked out so perfectly for us.

As of a few days, Zack officially has his return date set and all his flights booked.  Whoo!  I won’t be sharing his specific return date, of course, but he’ll be home in early August and it’s SO exciting.  I cannot believe we already have plans in place and are able to get started on the moving process.  He’ll be home in August and then we’ll hopefully be going on our cruise a couple weeks later.  Then my dad gets married Labor Day weekend and we’ll be off to California!  It’ll be a busy month, but August and September will definitely be two of the best months ever.


I officially started my internship a couple weeks ago.  I have a summer internship with the Portland Sea Dogs which is a minor league baseball team here in Maine (Red Sox affiliate).  I get to do a little bit of everything which is going to be so great for my resume.  I’m already loving the company and all of my co-workers.  Everyone is so amazing and I really feel that this is going to be good for me and my future career.  I’m already looking into job positions in San Diego.  I’d love to continue working in sports so I’m looking into both baseball and football.  Hopefully I can find something when it gets closer to our move date.

I am also now just three weeks away from graduation (two and a half weeks if you want to be technical)!  It’s pretty exciting.  I already requested the weekend off from work, printed the tickets, bought my dress and sent out the announcements.  Now I just have to get my graduation cap decorated and looking pretty for the ceremony.  I’m not big on DIY projects so hopefully it doesn’t turn into one of those Pinterest DIY disasters.  Luckily I have an awesome stepmom who will be helping me out with it so it should look awesome.  I can’t wait to show it to you all once it’s all decorated!


Blog life has been horrible.  I admit, I’ve been a horrible blogger this month.  I started my internship and started my final semester of school and really just lost track of the blog.  I’m a bit disappointed and feel bad for possibly letting people down, but at the same time, my priorities have just been different this month.  It happens.  It’s so hard to give my blog my 100% when I have so many changes happening all at once right now.  I definitely plan to find a better way to balance everything this next month so that I can get my blog back on track and moving forward.


My mental health has continued to be amazing this past month.  I’m feeling absolutely amazing.  I’m also back to working out 4-5 days a week and am drinking a lot of water.  I’ve now gone five weeks without soda so my stomach is looking amazing rather than feeling and looking bloated from the carbonation of soda.  It’s crazy to see the changes just from choosing water over soda.  The only part of my health that I really need to work on right now is my sleep habits.  I need to work on that one.  It’s been challenging to add a full-time internship to my schedule and find a way to balance everything, but it’s a work in progress.  I’m overall so happy with the way my health is right now and the way I look and feel lately so I’m super excited to continue my new habits.

Eight months down, and just three more left to go!  Just two more updates stand between me and Zack’s homecoming!

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