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A Day In The Life: Snow Day Edition

A Day In The Life: Snow Day Edition | Why Hello Lovely

If you’ve ever lived in New England, you know that snow days are pretty popular around here this time of year.  I grew up in Maine where snow days occur on almost a weekly basis.  Unlike down south, when it snows here, your boss still typically expects you to arrive to work that day on time.  Inclement weather just isn’t considered a valid reason to call out of work.  I, however, am absolutely terrified of winter driving so if there’s snow on the ground or in the process of falling, then you can pretty much guarantee you wont be seeing me that day no matter how important the plans were.  This is why working from home is amazing.  Snow days give me an excuse to not go anywhere.

I’m not big on snowmobiling and have never learned how to ski or snowboard.  In fact, I don’t even like winter.  The snow and the cold temperatures just aren’t my cup of tea.  But as much as I hate wintertime, I really don’t mind a good snow day.  It’s fun to be snowed in and stay where it’s nice and warm.  The house I grew up in had a nice fireplace in our main living room that we’d camp out in front of on the days we were snowed in and couldn’t go anywhere.  Now, as an adult, a snow day means I can stay in my pjs all day, curled up in bed with a good book or some Netflix…okay let’s be real, I still work on snow days.  I’m a typical workaholic.  But a snow day does make it more acceptable for me to work in my pjs or from the comfort of my bed!

Like any other day of the week, I still need my coffee before I do anything else (I mean, really.  Who can function without coffee?!).  There’s no way I’m risking my life to make the drive down the road to our nearest Dunkin so on snow days, I have to resort to making my own at home.  Luckily Zack made sure to stock up my coffee supply before he headed back to Japan last month.  He filled my room with sugar, coffee, K-cups, and of course my favorite Caramel Macchiato Creamer by Coffee-Mate.  This is my go to creamer if for some reason I don’t have a refrigerator (like right now).  Plus it’s caramel.  Who doesn’t love caramel?!

A Day In The Life: Snow Day Edition | Why Hello Lovely

Once my coffee has been made, it’s time to settle in at my desk and start my work day.  If there is a post that needs to be scheduled that day, then that’s the top thing on my to list.  Normally I already have it scheduled out so it’s rare that I have to jump write into blogging when I wake up.  After this, I start out by checking my emails and social media accounts to see what I’ve missed whether it’s new status updates or awesome content from other bloggers or even social media shout outs and blog comments.  Some I’ll respond to instantly while others are set aside to be responded to later.  I do the same with emails.  I delete any junk mail and then flag the emails I need to respond to.  I also take a moment to share that day’s post with the appropriate Facebook groups (if you don’t already use Facebook groups to promote your blog, you should!!).

By the time all of this is done, my first cup of coffee is gone, which means it’s time for a quick break while I get myself a second cup. I need enough caffeine in me to get through everything I flagged from earlier and respond.  I start with social media and then work my way to my email inboxes.  Sometimes this takes ten minutes and sometimes it takes over an hour.  It really varies, but email tends to take the longest since this is where I’m answering emails from readers and sponsors.

Once everything has been responded to, I then move onto Facebook threads.  If you aren’t familiar with Facebook threads, then you should be.  I’ve gained a lot of awesome readers from these threads.  You just find a blogging community that you love, join the group, and then participate every day.  Some threads allow you to share social media accounts that you want some love on while others are for blog posts.  I have a very large mix of groups so I’m able to share pretty much everything on a daily basis.  The catch?  You must follow the instructions on the thread!  But it’s so worth it.  I love all the wonderful ladies I’ve met through them.  But anyways, I go through each group and I complete all the threads that I participated in that day.  It’s best to do them ASAP, otherwise it’ll literally blow up your Facebook notifications as others are commenting on them.

A Day In The Life: Snow Day Edition | Why Hello Lovely

At this point, it would typically be time for me to pick up my sister from school, BUT it’s a snow day which means I don’t have to do that.  Instead, I just grab something quick for lunch and bring it to my desk.  Typically on these days, it’s Chef Boyardee or some type of soup.  Something quick that I can just pop in the microwave!  It’s very hard for me to focus on work while I’m eating, so I’ll usually take this time to watch YouTube videos or check out my social media accounts.  I’ll check my school accounts as well to see if any assignments have been graded.  I’m also a Peer Leader at my school so I’ll log onto SNHU Connect to chat with classmates and see if I have any messages on there.

Once I’m done eating, it’s time to get back to work (and of course I grab some more coffee first…have you noticed that I liked coffee?).  The afternoon has zero structure compared to the start of my day.  None.  This is where it all varies because it consists of whatever is on my to do list for that day.  It can include taking blog images, brainstorming new ideas, sending invoices, recording stats as well as income/expenses for the month, checking analytics, reaching out to brands, answering more emails, creating content, updating the blog and social media accounts, blog maintenance, etc.  It’s literally a free for all at that point.  I also mix in some schoolwork, freelance work, and internship tasks as well.

A Day In The Life: Snow Day Edition | Why Hello Lovely

Snow days are my time to get A LOT done because I’m literally stuck in the house all day.  There’s no chance of me going anywhere and driving on snow covered roads.  By the end of the day, I’m feeling much more accomplished!

What do your snow days look like?


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