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Allie’s 11 Month Update

Allie's 11 Month Update |

You guys, we officially have an 11 month old! In just one short month, Allie will be a toddler. And that’s completely mind-blowing to me. This has been the fastest year of my entire life and I’m just not ready for it. Time needs to slow down a bit!

I totally meant to do a 10 month update, but I’ll be honest, not a whole lot happened between 9 and 10 months. We’ve also been crazy busy around here as well so I honestly just didn’t even think to type up an update. But here we are at 11 months and there’s lots to update you on! So I feel that skipping a month really just prevented me from giving you all a super short and boring update. It worked out for the best.

No on to our little one’s 11 month update! . . .


She was 20 pounds, 2 ounces at her 9 month well visit. According to our home scale she’s 21 pounds, 5 ounces.


At her 9 month well visit, she was 30.5 inches tall. Her growth here is slowing down a bit as well now that she’s older so I think she’s still in this same ballpark at 11 months as well. Let’s say she’s 31 inches!


Allie is now in size 4 diapers! The size 3 was still fitting her for the most part, but they were starting to get a little on a tight side around her legs. So we tried out the size 4 and they looked much more comfortable on her. Her clothing is also at around 12 months or so. She still has some clothing that’s 9-12 months that still fits and then she also has clothes that are 12-18 months that fit. So she’s in a couple different sizes here. It really depends on the brand.

Allie's 11 Month Update |

Allie's 11 Month Update |

Allie's 11 Month Update |

Allie's 11 Month Update |


We’re in the process of making a bit of a shift right now in the food department. Allie has been trying to wean herself off of formula for a month or two now so at this point I’m SO ready to say goodbye to it. So we are! Once she turned 11 months, we started letting her self-wean off her formula so I’ll give you an update on this in her 12 month update. Currently we’re going formula when she first wakes up as well as right before bed and then everything in between is regular milk, almond milk, water, and very watered down apple juice (which she LOVES). So far she’s doing great with it! We’re super excited.

As for solids, she’s eating anything and everything under the sun. She loves solids so much and is always down to try something new when we give it to her. So we’ve been making sure she’s getting her three solid meals a day to make up for the formula she’s refusing. At this rate, I think she’ll be completely off formula by 12 months. And I’m not complaining one bit! haha

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No complaints here! She’s had a couple rough teething nights and a few naps that were shorter than normal. But she’s still sleeping through the night, 6:30pm to 6/7am and two naps a day totaling 3-4 hours or so. So overall it’s been an awesome past couple months in the sleep department! I think we may be transitioning to one nap shortly after her first birthday though. Like formula, she’s slowly weaning herself off her afternoon nap. So I see some bigger changes to our routine in the near future.

Allie's 11 Month Update |

Allie's 11 Month Update |


While I’m so sad to be leaving the baby months soon, I’m SO excited to enter into the toddler years. Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I say that, but seriously. The toddler years are my favorite. I worked as a toddler teacher for a while at multiple daycares and it was easily one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. If it paid more, I’d continue to do it!

It’s been so much fun watching Allie become a little toddler. Every day she’s doing something new and it seriously makes me tear up thinking about how much fun it is to watch her grow and watch her little personality come to life. Babies are born with a clean slate so these first few years they’re going through so many changes and it’s just amazing to watch it all happen. Everyday I’m reminded of why I chose to be home with her. I couldn’t even imagine missing out on all these milestones and all this time with her. Some days are so challenging, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


She’s walking!!! Eeeeek!! This is so exciting to share. Allie started taking steps on her own the day she turned 10 months and she’s getting faster and faster every day. I love it!! This is easily one of the most exciting milestones. This child is so mobile now. It’s crazy.

She also officially has 8 teeth! I think in the last update I had mentioned that she had some more poking through. From 9 months to now, she’s gotten 6 new teeth to go with her first 2. It’s adorable, BUT she’s also starting to bite. So we need to work on that. If anyone has any tips for stopping the biting before it gets worse (that don’t involve biting her back…), I’d love to hear them! I imagine it just feels super good right now with her mouth being so sore so we’re trying not to get mad or make a big deal out of it. But I’m just thinking ahead to when she’s playing with other kids. I don’t need her walking around biting everyone! haha so tips are appreciated (and yes, she has a TON of frozen teethers).

Allie's 11 Month Update |

Allie's 11 Month Update |

Allie's 11 Month Update |

Best Moments:

We’ve had so many great moments these past couple months. For one, we’ve spent a ton of time at the park. Allie had never been to the park before and now that she’s older and can actually do things, I decided to start bringing her. We now go multiple times a week and she loves it so much. The swing, especially. She could sit in the swing for hours if I let her.

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We also had Allie’s first pool day. Which didn’t really go as planned, but it was still fun to get her out and attempt out first pool day. The water was very cold and Allie just wasn’t a fan of it. We plan to try again very soon so keep your fingers crossed for us!! Hopefully the second attempt goes better.

It’s also been so amazing watching Allie grow. I know I say that in every update, but seriously. I love it so so much. She’s just changing every single day and it’s amazing to watch. I’m so lucky to have a front row seat to it. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever gotten to experience. So our everyday life is filled with so many “best moments”. I’m loving every minute of it.

“Worst” Moments:

There have been a few clingy days here and there and a few rough sleeping nights (yay teething), but honestly there aren’t any bad motherhood moments from the last couple months that stand out to me. Normally there’s one event that does but for this update, nothing is coming to mind. Everything has been so good here!

How I’m doing 11 months postpartum:

Overall, I’m doing really well. I have a few big projects in the works right now which I’m super excited about (I’ll be announcing more about this later). Allie is happy and healthy which obviously makes me super happy as well. I’ve been a bit exhausted lately, but that’s normal considering we’ve been so on the go and have so much coming up as well. I have been quite busy so it’s understandable that I’m feeling completely dead some days.

I’ve been making it more of a priority to get out of the house with Allie on a daily basis. We’ve been easing me back into working out and I’m so happy to say I’m back in the groove (officially). I’ve been going to the gym Saturdays and Sundays and then Monday-Friday, I do smaller workouts at home along with going for a 5 mile run every morning (logging 10k+ steps a day on my Fitbit). I’m feeling awesome in the health department.

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