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Allie’s 9 Month Update

Allie's 9 Month Update |

Good morning and happy Wednesday! This post is coming at you a couple weeks late. Allie turned 9 months old on the 28th, but I’m pretty sure I posted her 8 month update a couple weeks late as well. So it’s good to keep these recurring posts spaced out a bit.

This past month has been truly amazing with this little one. I totally thought this post would be full of milestones and big accomplishments, and it’s actually not at all. But regardless, this month has been a big one for her and I still have tons of great updates for you all!


She’s 20.2 pounds now! She gain nearly as much weight as we had anticipated, but she’s still at a very healthy weight for her age and height. I think she’s in the 75th percentile here so her doctor isn’t concerned one bit.


She’s now 30.5 inches tall! Still in the 99th percentile here. It’s super crazy to think about, but her infant car seat went up to 30 inches height-wise. At her 4 month appointment, she was 28 inches and her car seat was quite tight at that point so we rushed to get her into a convertible seat by Christmas before she grew too much more. I couldn’t even imagine still trying to cram her into that thing at this point. There’s no way we could have made it last longer than it did.


She’s still in size 3 diapers and as for clothing, she’s all over the place. On average, a lot of her clothing is around 9-12 months or so. Some clothing is 12+ months. It really depends on the brand.

Allie's 9 Month Update |


She’s currently eating 6-8 ounces every 2-3 hours. It’s still a struggle to get her to consistently eat full bottles at a time, but I think that’s a battle I cannot win haha she’s also eating a TON lately. She’s always averaged about 30 ounces a day. Sometimes a little more or sometimes a little less. But these past couple weeks, she’s averaging 40 ounces a day in addition to solids! One day she consumed 45 ounces. She’s been quite hungry lately. I’m not sure if she’s going through a bit of a growth spurt or if it’s just a random thing.

She’s also still doing awesome with her solids. I mentioned in her 8 month update that she was finally interested in eating solids which was super exciting. Now, she’s actually eating a few meals a day in addition to snacks so she’s on a great path here. She loves berries, avocado and scrambled eggs a lot right now. She’s iffy on sweet potatoes, but I’m determined to get her hooked on them.


For the most part, she’s still doing great with sleep. She’s teething a lot right now so some nights/days aren’t as good as others, but that’s totally normal and expected. Frustrating, but normal. The other day she had such a hard time with naps that rather than taking two 1.5 to 2 hour naps, she took three 35 minute naps. No joke. They were ALWAYS 35 minutes. Not a minute more or less. No idea what was up with that, but it was quite frustrating. Not to mention she was super cranky all day as well and Motrin wasn’t doing a thing for her. So it was a long couple days. She seems to be back on track now for the most part. Not always taking a full nap, but they’re over an hour each time so it’s better than the 35 minutes!

Nighttime sleep is still the same most nights. She’s had a night here and there where she’s had a horrible time sleeping, but 9 times out of 10, she’s still sleeping through the night so no big complaints here.

Allie's 9 Month Update |


This child is such a love bug. I mentioned in last month’s update that she had been quite moody that month and I’m so happy to say she hasn’t been like that at all this past month. She’s had her days here and there due to teething, but for the most part, she’s just super cuddly and loves playing with us as well as with Jack. She’s also been super big on “kisses” lately. And when I say “kisses”, I mean super rough, open mouthed and slobbery attacks on your face…

When you get close to her, she’ll grab both sides of your face or even your hair and pull you in as quickly and as roughly as she can. She then holds you right up to her own face so she can eat your cheek or your nose or whatever it may be. It was super cute at first and now it’s just terrifying. Not to mention she literally consumes half the makeup I’m wearing every time she does it. Thank God my makeup is pretty waterproof and locked in there. Otherwise, I’d be redoing my makeup with every “kiss” (you can see what these “kisses” look like here).

Lastly, this girl LOVES windows. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s a window at the top of our stairs and whenever I bring her up to go down for a nap for bedtime, I always pause to let her look out the window and she absolutely loves it. She smiles and laughs every single time without fail. It’s so adorable.


You guys, she is soooo close to walking! SO so close. I thought this update would be bigger in the milestone department but she’s being super stubborn at the moment. She can (and does) walk around the room holding our finger with zero issues, but the moment you let go, she sits down. It’s killing me!

On the bright side, she’s doing awesome with her standing. She spends so much of her day on her feet now which is another reason why we know she’ll be walking very soon. Her legs are quite strong and she doesn’t need to be holding onto anything anymore either. So she’s doing really really well here.

Another big thing going on right now is teething. She got her first two bottom teeth at 5.5 months and then at about 8.5 months, I noticed she had two more coming in on the bottom. Then a few days later, I was checking to see how they were doing and saw that all four front teeth on top are also coming in. So this girl is about to go from 2 teeth to 8 teeth in the next couple weeks which is crazy to me! She has 3 poking through and 3 more that will be poking through any day now so keep us in your thoughts and prayers! haha

Best Moments:

I think one of my all-time favorite moment has been watching Allie and Jack interact with one another. As always, we are super cautious when the two of them are interacting with one another. I feel that this is super important no matter how great your pet is. One of us is always right there within arm’s reach so we can jump in if needed and prevent potential accidents. But Allie absolutely adores him!

Theo the other day, she sat on the floor in the living room with him, trying to put the ball in his mouth. She kept picking it up and hitting him in the face with it, hoping he’d take it from her. When he does, he’s super gentle and good about it. He also let’s her take the ball from his mouth and the other day, he even let her climb on him a bit while she was trying to push herself up to standing. He looked at her to see what she was doing and then laid right back down like it was no big deal. It’s so amazing!

Another thing they’ve been doing is sharing food. Allie loves when Jack joins us at the dinner table. He’ll sit right next to her and wait for food to fall which is totally okay with us (or at least it used to be), but now she takes a bite of her food and then reaches over to give him the rest. Every. Single. Time.

Sometimes he’ll take it right from her hand and other times he’ll slobber on it a bit and then she’ll take it back and eat it herself. This makes me cringe so we try to catch it before it happens as often as possible. But I think it’s so awesome and adorable that they’re interacting so much AND their interactions are positive ones. I cannot even begin to explain how happy this makes me.

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Lastly, another great moment has been watch Allie explore her surroundings. She’s so mobile now and is super close to walking so it’s really fun to watch her move around and explore our home more. This is an age where she’s completely amazed by just about everything and even the smallest things make her happy. I love it so much!

Allie's 9 Month Update |

“Worst” Moments:

Teething. Oh the teething. I swear this is karma for sleep training her so early on. We’ve had great sleep these last 9 months and then BAM. God decided to give Allie 6 new teeth at one time and see how’d handle it…and it’s not going well haha we’ve been on the struggle bus here.

Some days she’s super whiney and other days she’s perfectly normal. She’s still sleeping relatively great at night, but then she had two days where naps were a nightmare. Nightmare as in it would take her 30+ minutes to fall asleep and then she’d only sleep for 35 minutes. No joke. Not a minute more or less. It was ALWAYS 35 minutes exactly. Anyone else find this odd? Because we do.

Both days she took three 35 minute naps as opposed to her usual 2-hour morning nap and her 1.5-hour afternoon nap and those days were quite rough. By the third day she was doing much better so now we’re just crossing our fingers and hoping we’re good for a bit. So wish us luck here!

How I’m doing 9 months postpartum:

Stiiiiiill stressed over here. But not over motherhood. This year is just super big for our little family with Zack transitioning out of the Marine Corps and us moving back to the east coast. There’s still so much to figure out (like what state we’re even moving to!) so it’s getting more and more stressful the closer it gets.

Aside from our normal life stresses, I’m doing really well! Being a mom is truly amazing. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love it and how happy it makes me. I am so unbelievably thankful to have the opportunity to be home with her and watch her grow. It’s truly incredible!

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