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Always Prepared (My Gym Bag Essentials)

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Always Prepared (My Gym Bag Essentials) |

Many of you know that I am completely obsessed with the gym these days.  I work out five days a week and was thrilled when I started noticing the changes in my body and health, both physically and mentally. Hitting the gym has been one of the most beneficial things I have done for myself this past year while Zack’s been away. This is the healthiest I’ve ever been and I’m absolutely loving it!

I recommend everyone take the time out of their busy lives to go to the gym whenever possible. Aside from forcing myself to go on my bad mental health days, I also make myself go even when it’s that time of month. I definitely skip ab day if needed, but I still get off my butt and drag myself to the gym. Why? Because it makes me feel better! Most times, I (like most women) feel bloated and unattractive when I’m on my period. You’re moody and irritable and it’s just not a good time for anyone. The biggest thing for me on these days, is finding ways to boost my self-esteem and make myself feel sexy again.

Fitness is a huge part of my everyday life. It always leaves me feeling happy, healthy, and even a bit sexy. That’s why I always make sure to continue my work outs even when it’s my time of month. No woman likes to feel bloated and unattractive and a good work out can give me an instant confidence boost and leave me feeling amazing. Since that time of month can sometimes be unpredictable, I like to be prepared by keeping U by Kotex® Barely There Liners and U by Kotex® Cleanwear® Ultra Thin Pads in my gym bag at all times. That way, I’m always ready!

I typically like to keep my gym bag packed and ready to go at all times. That way I can just grab it and go whenever I feel like going to the gym. No need to search my house to make sure I have everything. Inside my gym bag, I have the usual gym clothes, towel for showering, earphones, etc. But then I also have a small clear bag full of my gym bag essentials.

Always Prepared (My Gym Bag Essentials) |

A Great Gym Bag

This is totally personal preference here! My bag is a cute little duffle bag from Victoria’s Secret and it’s absolutely perfect for me! It has one larger pocket for clothes and toiletries and things like that and then a side pocket for my sneakers. It also has a smaller zipped front pocket which is where I keep the lock to my gym locker, my keys and other smaller items I don’t want to lose. I think my only “complaint” is that it only has one of the side pockets. I’d love to have an extra pocket on the opposite side. But it’s not the end of the world! It still very much works for me.

Beats Wireless Headset

I love love LOVE these! I’ve always just used a cheap pair of ear buds, but they always fell out and the cord drove me NUTS. Shouldn’t everything be cordless by now?! The cords would constantly get caught on various workout machines or I’d knock it out of my own ear with my arm. And sometimes, I’d full blown knock buy iPhone out of my hand! So it was a huge accident waiting to happen. I upgraded to the Beats Wireless Headset and haven’t looked back. It’s so nice to not have to worry about cords anymore.

A Fitbit

I’m a huge fan of my Fitbit for tracking my workouts. With Fitbit, I can track my water intake, log my workouts and even keep track of what I’m eating throughout the day (although that’s typically way too much work for me!). But if you’re trying to get or stay healthy, a Fitbit can be super helpful in keeping you on track.

A Comfy Post-Workout Outfit

I’m a huge fan of tossing on a comfy pair of high waisted leggings and a loose top after my workouts. It’s just so comfy and for some reason, there’s just something about that combination that makes me feel sexy. I can’t even explain it because it’s such a basic outfit. But I love it! I also pair it with some cute sandals or flats so I can get out of my gym sneakers. It makes for a super cute, but comfy ride home or to wherever I’m going next.

A Towel

This is the one item I seem to always forget! So the moment I get home from the gym, I immediately replace my gym towel so it’s good to go for the next time I go. But I always have to have a towel for the days where I choose to shower at the gym.

Flip Flops

If you’re someone who likes to shower at the gym, then I highly recommend packing a cheap pair of flip flops. The gym I go to is super nice and very clean. It’s literally like showering at a spa. Seriously. That’s how nice these bathrooms and showers are! But you still really don’t want to be going barefoot in a public shower. No matter how nice the showers may be, it’s nice to keep those feet protected from possible fungi. So I always keep a cheap pair of Walmart flip flops in my bag.

Always Prepared (My Gym Bag Essentials) |

A Clear Makeup Bag For Toiletries

I just picked up a clear makeup bag for mine. I preferred this one for two reasons: first, I could easily see all the contents of my bag without having to dig through it to find what I need and second, it’s super easy to clean if something were to spill. Unlike a cloth bag where it may be a bit more challenging to clean up and get stains out. But it’s completely personal preference so choose whatever bag you want! Makeup bags can be found at any drug store or larger retailers such as Walmart and they’re relatively inexpensive.


The travel aisle at your local Target or Walmart is an awesome place to stock up on gym bag toiletries! Pretty much anything you need can be found in that aisle for super cheap.

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Mini First Aid Kit
  • Spare Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Body Spray
  • Deodorant
  • Hair Elastics
  • Comb/Hair Brush
  • Face Wash
  • Body Wash
  • Body Lotion
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Moisturizer
    Makeup Remover Wipes
  • U by Kotex® Barely There Liners

I literally have it all! It’s important to be prepared for whatever life  throws at me, but it’s especially important when it’s that time of month. No one likes that kind of surprise so U by Kotex® Barely There Liners and U by Kotex® Cleanwear® Ultra Thin Pads can always be found in my gym bag (or any of my bags, for that matter). Both of these products can be picked up at your nearest Walmart location in the feminine hygiene aisle.

Walmart and U by Kotex® work hard to give you more than just leak protection. The U by Kotex® Cleanwear® Ultra Thin Pads feature a unique 3D Capture Core with Xpress DRI cover for super fast absorption so that leaks can easily be prevented. Thanks to their uniquely shaped Tru-Fit® wings, you can trust that they’ll stay secure the entire time you’re wearing them. No one likes the feeling of pads, but the U by Kotex® Barely There Liners, are so comfortable that you don’t even notice they’re there! They’re made to feel just like your underwear. With U by Kotex®, you can feel more confident and more “yourself” and Walmart always gives you a great value on everything you may need including your personal care items.

What do you keep in your gym bag? What matters to you during your time of month?