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Baby Must-Have’s & Regrets For 3-6 Months

Baby Must-Haves & Regrets For 3-6 Months |

Good morning and welcome to the third installment in my baby must-have’s and regrets series. If you’re new here, be sure to check out my posts for newborns and 0-3 months. Today’s post is for the 3-6 month stage which is a pretty big stage developmentally (or at least it was for Allie). This is when little ones are finally starting to become interested in what’s around them. They’re starting to reach for things and they’re learning to really pick things up and hold them. Some babies may begin teething at this age or sit up on their own. Many are rolling around as well. It’s the first stage where they’re really on the move and becoming little people with big personalities. They’re not just sitting in a rock n play all day staring at you. So it’s super fun!! But big milestones means it’s time to buy some real developmental toys. So these were our 3-6 month baby must-have’s!

My Top Must-Have’s

Nuby Step 1 Silicone Baby Teethers. Allie started teething a TON at this age so our Nuby Step 1 Silicone Baby Teethers were her best friend starting at around 3 months or so. She now has three or four of these which she still uses today at 12 months. I keep a couple in the freezer and then I have one in my bag as well for her for when we’re out. They’re not only nice and cold from the freezer, but they also have a great texture on the end as well to help massage the gums. We love these!

Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teethers. Another one of our favorite teethers are the Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teethers. These come in a pack of two: a pink hand and a green foot (or at least that’s what ours came with). We keep these in the freezer as well and they stay frozen and cold a lot longer than the silicone baby teethers. The green foot is probably her favorite. She gets super excited when she sees me pull it out of the freezer for her. She’ll easily just sit on the floor and chew on it for 45 minutes. It’s the best. And it instantly calms her when she’s moody from teething as well.

OBall. This thing is super cool! At this age, they’re really starting to pick things up and explore their surroundings and Allie loved this thing. There’s lots of holes in it so it makes it very easy for babies to pick it up and hold onto it compared to some other toys where you really need to be able to hold it on your own.

Boppy Pillow. I don’t breastfeed so this isn’t something I used prior to 3 months or so. But by 3 months, Allie was really wanting to sit up more so I used it as a cushion for her to sit up on the floor more often. She already had excellent balance, but needed a little bit of support at her base when sitting on the floor and a boppy pillow helped her a ton with this. Plus it’s nice and comfy too so I could lay her down in it to play with some toys for a bit as well.

Skip Hop Noise MachineOnce Allie hit 4 months, we moved her to her bedroom for all naps and put her on a set nap time schedule. Her noise machine became a huge part of our nap time routine. The one we have by Skip Hop has 6 (?) different sounds to choose from along with a nightlight and a projector as well which is great. You don’t need anything fancy here! Just something that can play music or make some fun sounds. Allie’s is typically on the rain storm setting.

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Up & Up Overnight Diapers. Allie was sleeping through the night starting at 5 weeks old, but unfortunately they don’t make overnight diapers in newborn sizes. It wasn’t until she reached size 2 that we were finally able to buy overnight diapers for her. She’s in a diaper for a good 10-12 hours at night so having a good one that doesn’t leak is so important. We switched over to Up & Up Diapers once Allie was about 5 months or so just because we were looking to save a bit of money and Up & Up has been just as amazing. AND they’re a fraction of the price of The Honest Company or Pampers or any other brand we’ve used. So we love these!

Hooded Towels. These towels are SO adorable. And once Allie could sit up on her own, they were even cuter. I could wrap her up in them and sit her on the bed while I picked out her pj’s. They aren’t a necessity but they’re still super cute to have!

Books. We added books to our bedtime and daily routines around this age and Allie loves them. She wasn’t really interested in what it said at this age and she had no idea what she was looking at either. But reading to your babies is so beneficial for them and she loves looking at all the colors and helping me turn the pages. Now that she’s older, she’ll sit longer and listen to them. For this age, I highly recommend smaller, cardboard or plastic books as they tend to chew on everything at this age. But we do have some nicer books for her that we keep out of reach.

My Top 3-6 Month Regrets

While I had some products I absolutely loved for this stage, I also had some products that were a complete waste of money in my mind. Now not all moms agree with me on these items and that’s totally fine! But for my daughter and our family, these items just didn’t work out for us.

Activity Chair. This to me is kind of a must-have as well as a little bit of a regret. We bought Allie’s chair when she was about 3 months or so. She started to really want to sit up when she was 2 months so by 3 months I got her a chair to allow her to sit up more and practice. It had a ton of toys attached to it too which she thought was pretty cool for a bit. But while it really did allow her to sit up and helped a lot in teaching her some balance and strengthening those back muscles, we really only used it for a few weeks. I know some moms who LOVE their activity chairs and their babies use them for months on end. But Allie just didn’t want to be confined. She liked the chair, but she loved being on the floor more. So I rarely found myself actually putting her in the chair.

Playmats. We have a couple of these and they’ve never been used. As babies start to move, they’re just not going to stay on a mat of any sort. They’re going to want to get around and explore. Allie also had zero interest in laying down at this age so laying her down on a play mat and dangling toys above her just didn’t appeal to her in any way.

Up & Up Wipes. While we LOVE Up & Up Diapers, I cannot stand the wipes. I know I said I loved them in the newborn stage, but by 3+ months, I just wasn’t a fan anymore. They just have no traction to them so when I go to wipe up a poopy diaper, the poop literally just slides. It easily takes twice as many wipes to clean her up. So unfortunately these wipes aren’t a winner in our home. We much prefer The Honest Company or Pampers Sensitive.

Tell me! What were your must have’s and regrets for this stage?