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Baby Registry Do’s and Dont’s

Baby Registry Do's and Dont's

Preparing for a baby can be overwhelming. The registry was easily the most stressful part of my pregnancy (I had an easy pregnancy haha). While most new parents love taking the time to pick out baby items and put together their registries, I just didn’t have the motivation or the desire to focus on it.

While I had worked with kids for years prior to having our daughter, I knew next to nothing about all the various products and brands in terms of what worked best and what other moms and dads recommended. I imagine a lot of new parents feel this sense of overwhelm when putting together their registries so I wanted to give you my top baby registry’s do’s and dont’s.

DO put together your registry in advance. I put this off for so long! We got down to the last couple months of my pregnancy and had next to nothing. And at that time, we thought Allie would end up arriving early so that was super worrisome for me. But our friends and family were AMAZING in getting online and literally ordering every single item off our registry in a matter of a week or two…and then she came a week late. But at least we were prepared!

DON’T stock up on diapers. If you’re a new mom then you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you not to stock up on this item. While it’s good to be stocked up on as much as you can, diapers are not the item you want to have in bulk. Why? Well because babies grow…fast. Some babies don’t even wear newborn diapers. Allie was fitting into size 1 diapers by the time she was a month old.

You also have the issue of not knowing how sensitive your little one’s skin may be. If you’re stocked up on 100% Pampers and find out your baby is allergic to them then you’re stuck with months worth of Pampers diapers that you can’t use. See the problem?

So with this item, I find it best to buy as you go. This can be pricey later, but you can always ask for gift cards to Target or Walmart or wherever you shop at so that you have money set aside for them later!

Baby Registry Do's and Dont's |

DO ask for recommendations. If you’re a brand new parent then don’t be afraid to ask around for product recommendations. I actually failed at doing this. So we ended up having to buy new items after she was born because the products we had weren’t working for us. So that sucks. Not only that, but it’s just plain overwhelming to look at hundreds upon hundreds of baby products and spend hours comparing brands and products when you could easily just ask people instead. If you can get a couple great brand or product recommendations from others then this saves you a ton of time during the research process.

DON’T register for everything under the sun. It can be so easy to go through all the baby essentials blog posts and Youtube videos and instantly feel like you need everything on their lists. But I promise, you don’t. You don’t need multiple places for baby to sleep or a rock n play and a swing or two different types of carriers or multiple strollers or anything like that. I highly recommend buying/registering for just the basics and then if something else comes up after your little one is born that you find helpful then buy it.

DO ask for gift cards. As mentioned above, gift cards can be just as helpful as receiving the actual items on your list. These are great for those products that you just haven’t decided on yet OR they can be awesome for buying extras of the things you need once the baby actually arrives. While you can certainly prepare a lot for a baby, there are some things that you just can’t plan out until the baby is physically here. So having some money set aside can be really helpful!

Baby Registry Do's and Dont's |

DON’T forget to mark your top items. On the Target registry, I was able to indicate which products were most wanted or needed. This made it easier for friends and family because they were able to see which items we needed most. They then made sure to buy those items first before purchasing all the items that were just ‘wants’. So if your registry allows you to do this, then mark all those important items! If not, then be sure to let your family and friends know what items are most important to you.

DO save money where you can. Things like swings and bouncers don’t have to be bought brand new Your child will literally only be able to use these items for a few months and then you’re stuck with a $150+ product that you don’t need. And in all honesty, we skipped those kinds of products altogether. There are other items worth splurging on that you’ll be using way more often and for a longer period of time. So pick and choose what you want to splurge on.

DON’T forget to ask for Starbucks cards. I’m completely serious here. Don’t be afraid to ask for coffee…or wine. I promise you’ll want it!

What are your baby registry do’s and dont’s?