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Birthday Wishlist

24th Birthday Wish List | Keating & Co.

one: White Wedges by Guess  | two: Michael Kors iPhone 6 Case  |  three: Lat & Lo Customizable Bar Necklace  |  four: Lobster Alex & Ani Bangle  |  five: Kate Spade Passport Holder  |  six: Kate Spade Watch

It’s almost my birthday (next Tuesday, the 5th)!  Any other April babies out there?

I am horrible at determining what I want for my birthday.  Horrible.  I never know what I want.  Everyone keeps asking me and honesty I had no idea.  I hadn’t even thought about it.  Typically when I want something, I just buy it.  If it’s a little more pricey, then I’ll save up to buy it.  Either way, by the time my birthday or Christmas rolls around, I already have everything I’ve been wanting.  Zack’s the same way.  We never have items to add to our wish lists.  So after a lot of thought (and even some research on what others were putting on their wish lists), I finally came up with six items I’ve been wanting.

one.  First I want a new pair of wedges.  The ones I included in the photo above are by Guess, but the ones I’m really wanting are at Forever 21.  They look very similar thone y ugh.  I’ve been needing to replace my $10 Walmart heels from a decade ago for way too long now.  They’re literally falling apart at this point.  So I’m hoping to upgrade so some cute wedges for the summertime.

two.  Next, I’m really wanting this adorable cell phone case by Michael Kors.  I’m completely addicted to buying cell phone cases.  Ask Zack.  He can’t stand it.  I think that’s the one item that he’ll actually say no to if I say I want another one.  At this point, I have a case for every occasion and outfit.  BUT I do not have one by Michael Kors.  So I want it.

three.  The third item I want has actually been on my wish list for a while now if any friends or family are reading this, THIS is the item to buy me!  It’s by Lat & Lo and it’s a customizable bar necklace.  It contains the coordinates of any destination you choose and then you can write the city on the back of it.  I’d love to have one with the coordinates of Jacksonville, NC.  This is where our entire love story took place.  It’s where we fell in love, had our first kiss, became a couple, got married, and even where we started our life together.  It’s our town.

four.  The fourth item I want is a new Alex & Ani bangle.  It’s no surprise that this is on my list.  I’m completely obsessed with Alex & Ani.  Aside from my graduation bangle that I obviously want for graduation, the next one I’m wanting is this lobster bangle.

five.  Next I want a passport holder since I’ll officially have a passport in 4-6 weeks!  I couldn’t be more excited about it.  But I’ll obviously need a holder for it.  I’m not too picky when it comes to a passport holder, but I would like it to be either blush pink or white.  I definitely wouldn’t complain if someone bought me this one by Kate Spade.  I’m kind of in love with it.

six.  Lastly, I would like a new watch.  I have been eyeballing Kate Spade watches for way too long now.  I wish I could purchase a watch with a metal/chain band, but my wrists are way too tiny for that.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Every watch I buy has to be adjustable, otherwise they’re slipping and sliding all over the place.  It really is one of the downsides to being thin.  They need to make watches that fit us too!

What’s on your birthday wish list this year?


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