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Celebrating My Dad

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I never thought my relationship with my dad would ever be where it is today. Growing up, we always butt heads and it was rare that we’d get along. My mom always told me my dad and I were too much alike to live in the same house or be around each other for long periods of time like that. At the time, this upset me. We didn’t get along, so why would I want to be like him? Now that I’m older, I look at it as a compliment. I’m glad I’m just like him. I see where I get my stubbornness, work ethic, and my persistence. And after his quick engagement over the winter, I see where I get my spontaneity from too. Now, I couldn’t be more thankful for the relationship we have today.

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Although my dad and I never had the best relationship growing up, he’s always been very supportive of my plans and dreams. I still remember the night I told him I got married. It had been two weeks since I had traveled to North Carolina to get married and I finally got the courage to tell him. I was living with him and my sister at the time so one night, I just had to get it over with. I walked downstairs and into the living room where he was talking on the phone. He looked up at me, very suspiciously (growing up, I only spent time with him when I wanted something so of course he immediately started wondering what I was up to). He told his friend he’d call them back and hung up to see what I wanted.

I had rehearsed my story a million times in my head. I really thought he would be mad at me for going behind his back and getting married just two months into my relationship to a guy he didn’t even know. But when I went to go tell him my story, the first thing out of my mouth was “Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant”. That was not part of my rehearsal whatsoever. He laughed it off which told me he was in a good mood. Perfect!

After a couple deep breathes, I finally just blurted it out and told him I had gotten married. He didn’t seem to believe me at first, but he handled it really well when he realized I was serious. I then moved down to North Carolina two months later with a man he had never even met until the day I left. Regardless of this, he’s been my number one support system every step of the way and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Celebrating My Dad | Keating & Co

My dad has always been the Mr Fix-It type of dad. If something is wrong, I can always count on him to fix it. Like, for example, every car I’ve ever purchased. I’ve had to tell him way too many times that I’ve gotten into a wreck  or that something on my car isn’t working and although his bank account is always hurting afterwards, he’s still always there for me (I’ve had really bad luck with vehicles).

I think it was winter 2012 when I got into a pretty bad car accident.  We got a very bad snow storm in Maine in the middle of October and I had an hour and a half commute home.  4 or 5 hours into my drive (yes, the storm was THAT bad), I was off the road and in the woods.  Luckily I didn’t hit a tree or anything which is very shocking considering I was literally in the woods, but I ended up needing 4 new tires on top of a lot of other work in order to get the car back in driving condition so I could go to work 2 days later.  So I called him up (I was in Maine, and he was in Vermont) and let’s just say a credit card or two had to be maxed out to help me out.

The following spring, I visited him in Vermont and drove home to Maine with a new car and then that summer, I had to buy yet another one.  This time, I decided to go with a trusted dealer and take out a car loan (which, of course, my dad helped me out with).  If it wasn’t for him, I’d be walking just about everywhere.  And even now that I’m married, he still helped me out last Christmas and made my final car payment for me.  Dad of the year right there.

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Since my parent’s divorce in 2013, my dad has had to take on both roles. As the father of three (almost four) daughters, I’d say it’s a pretty challenging role for a father. He doesn’t always like talking about boys or the many issues girls deal with, but he’s always done an amazing job at being both a dad and a mom to us over the last few years. Since our family is all growing up and going their separate ways, we’ve been really big on family photos. Being the oldest, I just graduated college, am married and am about to start my own family on the other side of the country. My middle sister just graduated college and lives away with her boyfriend and my youngest sister is about to get her license and will be graduating high school next year. We’re all growing up and I know that’s been really hard on him.


Photos are a great idea for any parent or family member and any holiday or special occasion. Life goes by so fast and most parents tend to stop taking as many photos after a while. I’m convinced that if it weren’t for me, my dad wouldn’t have updated photos of any of us girls. They’d all be baby pictures. We’re also gaining another sister in a couple months which will be an additional daughter for my dad so I thought it would be nice to do an updated frame with photos of all four of us girls rather than just the three “original” daughters.

This is a super simple and fast gift idea that takes little to no time to make! All you need is a nice photo frame, wrapping paper, a nice gift bag, and the pictures of your choice. I really wanted to do a sister photoshoot, but I just didn’t have time before today to get it done. We plan to do it later in the week so I’ll be transitioning out these photos for more professional looking ones of the four of us. But for now, these ones work perfectly!


Once your frame is put together, it’s time to wrap everything up and make it look presentable to give to that special dad in your life. As a finishing touch, every dad needs a nice card. For my dad, I always choose American Greetings which can be purchased at most Walmart locations (I also purchased the American Greetings Roll wrap and and American Greetings Gift bag). Some of their awesome product lines include justWink, Detour, and Live Greetings. They also have Father’s Day Jumbo greeting cards, but unfortunately, my location didn’t have any. Cards are a great way to tell your dad how much you love and appreciate them. Or, if you’re like our family, it’s a good way to make fun of him (in a loving way, of course). Cards can bring tears or laughter or sometimes even both. Either way, it’s a great way to show you care.

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At the end of the day, my dad is the best parent I could ask for. He’s hardworking, supportive, goofy. I wouldn’t trade him for the world and couldn’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for me and our family as a whole. My dad ROCKS!

How will you celebrate your dad this year?


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