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How I Combat Postpartum Acne With ZAPZYT

*This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own

How I Combat Postpartum Acne With ZAPZYT | Every month since Allie’s been born, I’ve posted a life update for you all which goes over all her developmental milestones, her growth and even how I’m doing postpartum. Most months, I’m dong great (for the most part), but there’s an issue I’ve been having that I just haven’t mentioned in any of our updates. And that’s postpartum acne!

We all know that being pregnancy can cause acne. Especially if you’re pregnant with a little girl. Your hormones are through the roof so breaking out for 9 months isn’t uncommon at all. But did you know you can also breakout postpartum as well? Some may already know this, while others may not have ever thought of it. I didn’t. My skin acted up a couple times throughout my pregnancy, but nothing too major which was quite surprising considering I was carrying a little girl (although I’ve struggled with acne my whole life so it wasn’t anything new for me anyways). But once she was out, my skin immediately freaked out and it was all downhill from there.

Like pregnancy, your body goes through another huge shift in terms of your hormones once you give birth to your little one. It can take weeks or even months for your body to fully get back to normal and be able to regulate itself again. Because of this, many women end up with acne. It’s also very common for women to get acne as a response to stress and as a first time mom, business owner, student, wife, etc. etc. etc., stress is my middle name. I have been on the struggle bus these last (almost) 12 months with my skin and keeping it looking beautiful and healthy. How To Tackle The Stress Of Being A First Time Mom |

How To Tackle The Stress Of Being A First Time Mom |

How To Tackle The Stress Of Being A First Time Mom | To combat my acne, I recently picked up an acne system by ZAPZYT. Being that my skin tends to be more sensitive, I’m always super careful and sometimes picky with the products I choose to try on my skin. But after trying SO many different acne products (and even some all natural oils), I was willing to try absolutely anything that came my way. So after a few recommendations from other bloggers, I decided to try out ZAPZYT . . . and it works! Here’s a little more about the products I picked up: ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel – First we have the spot treatment. I use this product every night before bed to take care of any problem zits I may have. This treatment works super fast and most times, the zit is almost completely gone by morning (smaller ones ARE gone by morning!). So this stuff is super handy! The ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel contains non-irritating benzoyl peroxide (10%) and is also water-based so it doesn’t contain alcohol which can cause excess dryness. This is huge for me because I already have very sensitive dry skin. I need all the moisture I can get!

ZAPZYT Acne Wash Cleanser – I use the Acne Wash Cleanser every day, twice a day. I use it first thing in the morning before doing my makeup and then I use it again at the end of the day after washing my makeup off. This contains salicylic acid instead of the benzoyl peroxide found in the spot treatment. ZAPZYT Pore Clearing Scrub – I LOVE this stuff. I use this scrub every other night after taking my makeup off and it always leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. Like the acne wash cleanser, the scrub also consists of salicylic acid as opposed to the benzoyl peroxide. This system has been life-changing for me. After just one day of use, I was already noticing a difference in my skin. After a week, I was even feeling more confident to go makeup-free! I can’t think of a single time in my life where I’ve ever had the confidence to go out without makeup on. It’s been that amazing for me. How To Tackle The Stress Of Being A First Time Mom |

How To Tackle The Stress Of Being A First Time Mom |

While I absolutely love the ZAPZYT acne system, having healthy, glowing skin takes so much more than that. I’m a firm believer that being healthy is a whole lifestyle in itself. So in addition to changing up my skin care products, I also made the following changes to my everyday life:

1. I decreased my dairy consumption. Did you know dairy can cause acne? I honestly had no idea until a few months ago. So I decided to decrease my dairy consumption and it’s helped so much! So if you break out a lot and consume a lot of dairy, then this might be something to look into!

2. I started washing my hands before applying makeup. Super basic here, but it’s so important to wash your hands before touching your face. I honestly didn’t even think about it until one of my favorite YouTubers mentioned it in one of her videos. My morning routine would go something like this: I wake up, I go to the bathroom, I wash my hands, I put in my contacts, I do xyz, and then I start my makeup routine. It’s when you’re doing xyz that you’re probably touching a million things throughout your home that consists of some sort of bacteria. And that bacteria can easily cause breakouts. So now, I make sure to wash my hands again directly before I apply my makeup and it helps SO much.

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3. I clean my makeup brushes more often. I don’t know about you, but I’m horrible at remembering to clean my makeup brushes. I’m not sure what it is about it, but it can just be so time-consuming sometimes. So I put it off way too long which is such a bad thing to do. Makeup brushes hold so much bacteria in them, which can cause breakouts. Now, I deep clean them at the end of every week and disinfect them on a daily basis. Not only has it been better for my skin, it’s actually made it easier to apply makeup as well. It keeps my brushes looking and feeling new. How To Tackle The Stress Of Being A First Time Mom |

How To Tackle The Stress Of Being A First Time Mom |

4. I remove my makeup before bedI have been horrible about this over the years. Like SO bad. I just never liked my face without makeup on. Period. Even when I’m sleeping. But now that my skin is looking so much more clean and beautiful, I’ve been going makeup-free so much more often. So I always make sure I’m removing my makeup before bed.

5. I hit the gym. It’s crazy to me just how many benefits working out has. Not only does it make you stronger, it improves your organ function, helps you sleep better, improves your mental health, and even helps keep your skin clear. Crazy, right? With all those benefits, it would be crazy not to add a work out to your weekly schedule. Even if it’s just a walk every couple of days. Exercise is exercise. All that matters is that you’re up and moving! And don’t forget to keep hydrated!

6. I remember the SPF. Summertime isn’t the only time of year when you should be wearing sunscreen. The sun is just as harmful in the winter months as well. So I always make sure I’m wearing a product on my face that contains SPF in it whether it’s a moisturizer, my foundation, etc. It doesn’t have to be an actual sun screen. Many makeup products contain some sort of SPF nowadays so it’s super easy to find a good product at the store to add to your routine.

7. I drink plenty of water. Water should always be your #1 source of hydration throughout the day. Water has so many amazing benefits for your body. It’s pretty much all I drink aside from my morning cup of coffee.

How To Tackle The Stress Of Being A First Time Mom |

How To Tackle The Stress Of Being A First Time Mom |

Having healthy, acne-free skin is something I never thought would really be possible for me. After having acne my whole life, I’ve tried just about every product on the market. But now, I can truly say I love my skin! If you want to tackle your postpartum or adult acne, be sure to check out ZAPZYT at your local Walmart location!

How do you tackle postpartum acne? Do you rely on ZAPZYT like I do?