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5 Shows To Add To Your Fall TV Watch List

5 Shows To Add To Your Fall TV Watch List | Why Hello Lovely

Guys, I haven’t had cable in over a year now. I really thought I wouldn’t miss it, but I did. A lot. Now that we are settling into our new home and have both internet and cable, I can catch up on my favorite shows and check out some new ones that are premiering this season. I finally feel like I’m up to speed with the rest of the world! Here are five tv shows I’m dying to watch this fall that you should check out too.


I am a huge fan of American Horror Story. The only season I wasn’t a fan of was Freak Show, but the rest got me hooked right from the first episode. If you haven’t seen AHS, then basically it’s not your typically tv series. It’s generally the same cast each season, but there’s a whole new storyline. Every character has a new role so it’s almost like watching a whole new show each season. Which is kind of strange, but it’s super interesting to watch and it makes you excited to learn the theme of the following season. It’s also the perfect show to watch this time of year with Halloween being right around the corner.


The previews for this show got me hooked right from the start. Every article I read on the top shows for the fall stated how great the show was and how it would be the next Parenthood. I don’t know about you, but Parenthood was one of my all-time favorite shows. So the moment they compared This is Us to Parenthood, I immediately plugged the premiere date into my iPhone’s calendar so I wouldn’t forget about it although I didn’t have cable yet soooo I missed it).

I finally watched the series premiere over the weekend and I LOVED it. I can’t wait to watch more. It definitely has that Parenthood feel to it.  Very family oriented and the plot twist at the end had me eager to watch more. Watch the first episode and I promise you’ll be hooked!


Is anyone else as excited about this as I am?! I couldn’t possibly have bene more excited when I found out it was coming back. My mom and I used to love watching this show together and I still have Netflix marathons of it here and there. Gilmore Girls comes back in late November and I cannot wait for it! The previews are making me more and more ready to find out what happens and reconnect with the characters.


Zack and I are huge fans of Supernatural. We started from the beginning again after he came home from Japan and we’re now in the middle of season 7. We’re hoping to be caught up again by the time the new season starts next month. If you’ve never seen this show, then I have no idea where you’ve been the past 10+ years. This show is amazing and constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. Something new is always happening and it’s full of plot twists. So if you haven’t seen it, then you should definitely spend this season binge watching it! 


I had to add in some type of reality show to make this list a little more well-rounded. Dancing with the Stars just came back and I’m super excited for it! I still have yet to start the new season since we’ve been busy with the move, but I’m hoping to get caught up very soon. It always amazes me how these professional dancers turn this “normal” celebrities into professional dancers themselves. There are some that are just plain horrible, but for the most part, so many of them come out of it with some pretty impressive dancing skills. There aren’t too many people on this season that I’m really that thrilled about aside from Jana Kramer, but it’s still a great show and I’m very excited to see who wins!

What are you watching?


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