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Friday Confessions

Friday Confessions |

Happy Friday everyone! Is anyone else SO happy that it’s finally the weekend? This week has been crazy stressful around here. I am more than happy to say goodbye to it and enter into weekend mode. It’s been so bad. I haven’t done a Friday Confessions post in a while and since this week was so crazy, I thought this would be the perfect time to do another one. I warn you ahead of time, there may be some venting involved. I just have so much I need to get off my chest at this point. So I appreciate you all listening.

I confess that I am just about done with California at this point. We’re more than ready to move again.

I confess that I’m pretty sick of not having a car for the last 12 days….quick story. We brought my car in on Monday 11/28 to have the engine looked at. By Thursday 12/1, they told us “nothing was wrong”. On Friday 12/2, they finally figured out the issue and ordered the parts they needed from Los Angeles. On Monday 12/5, they told us it would take a couple of days because the piece they were fixing was rusted. On Wednesday 12/7, they said it would probably be done on Thursday. And then yesterday 12/8, they told us they couldn’t fix it without taking the entire engine apart…25 hours worth of work at $120/hour. Not happening. Totally played us for two weeks. So we picked up the car and had it towed to another dealership. So far so good with this one! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I have my car back early next week.

I confess that I’m not the biggest fan of pregnancy. The changes to my body have been so hard to accept regardless of it being for a good, exciting reason. I just don’t myself fully accepting it any time soon, but we’ll see.

I confess that I definitely had way too much coffee this week. But it was so very much needed to deal with some people.

I confess that people are driving me absolutely insane lately. Both online and in person. I’ve almost had to avoid human interactions because of it…which is pretty easy considering I STILL don’t have my car…

I confess that I’m super nervous about the job interview I had this week. I should find out the week after next if I got it or not, but I’m worried. I don’t want them to take away the job once they find out I’m pregnant. But this job is SO important for my actual career. I need it on my resume. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I confess that I’m already nervous about how I’m going to balance work and being a mom once the baby is born. While I’d love to be a stay at home mom, I’m also dying to get my career off the ground. And I’m just not willing to sacrifice all my hard work.

I confess that one of the worst things about pregnancy are other people’s opinions. While I love feedback, I don’t need people monitoring what I’m eating or how often I’m at the gym.

I confess that I am SO behind in sending out our Christmas cards this year. I’ve had them set up and ready to go for a couple of weeks now, but the lack of car has made it challenging for me to get to Staples to buy new ink for my printer…and to get to the post office to actually mail them.

I confess that I’ve completely sucked at this WHL newsletter I started. I promise I’ll get back on track with it this weekend!

I confess that I have absolutely no idea what I want for Christmas. Like no clue. Just send us money at this point. Theres not even any room in this apartment to put anything new!

I confess that I am super proud of myself for getting back on track with school this past week. I am FINALLY caught up and doing so much better. It wasn’t looking good a few weeks ago. Like academic probation type bad. Which is super disappointing considering I earned a 4.0 in my bachelor’s degree. So I’m hoping to do much better from here on out.

I confess that I’m super nervous about my doctor’s appointment this afternoon. I haven’t seen the doctor in about seven weeks so I’m super nervous to find out if everything’s okay in there. As long as everything goes as planned, we’ll know today when we’ll be finding out the gender (which will hopefully be two weeks from now)!

I confess that I have absolutely no idea what I’d do without my awesome husband. Or my friends (shout out to Rachel and Katie!). Or my parents. They’ve all kept me sane these last few weeks.

What are your Friday confessions?


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