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Life Lately & A Big Announcement

Life Lately & A Big Announcement | Why Hello Lovely

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  I couldn’t possibly have asked for a better week last week.  For real, guys.  Life lately has been amazing.  Last week was the first week in a long time where I felt like everything was falling into place rather than falling apart.  So I have SO much to tell you.  I’m sorry if this gets lengthy, but I’ll do my best to keep it short and simple so I can get to our big announcement! (and no, I’m not pregnant!).

I got an awesome care package…

On Facebook, I’m a member of an awesome group for military bloggers.  I’ve met so many amazing women through that group and love getting to know everyone!  Well this year, it was decided that we’d do a care package exchange (I still have to mail mine out this week.  My schedule has been crazy these past couple weeks!).  Well I got mine this past Thursday and it was the sweetest package EVER!  It came all the way from Colorado from an amazing woman named Kim (you can check out her blog here!).  I’ve already started snacking on some of these treats and they are so delicious.  I’m shocked I still have some left!

Life Lately & A Big Announcement | High Heels & Combat Boots

The semester is almost over!…

It’s been finals week this past week which has been super stressful, but as of last night, all my final papers have been submitted and two out of three of them have already been graded (A’s on both!).  Now I’m just waiting on the grade for the third paper, which is literally going to make or break my GPA.  No joke.  It’s terrifying.  I have a 92 in the course right now and it needs to be a 93 in order to keep my 4.0.  It’s nerve-wracking to say the least, but I have an amazing professor and I’m sure she’ll nudge my grade a bit if needed.  There’s no way she’d leave my grade at a 92.  That would be so mean.

Life Lately & A Big Announcement | High Heels & Combat Boots

It’s red cup season…

Does anyone else get this excited over the transition to red cups at Starbucks?  That’s just how you know it’s Christmastime.  I love it!  And I finally got to order my first caramel brûlée latte of the season as well over the weekend and of course, it was amazing.

Surprise trips…

Over the weekend, I went to Portland’s First Friday Art Walk (a walk that occurs on the first Friday over every month where all the galleries and museums are open to the public for free – there are also tons of vendors on the streets and live entertainment as well) with my dad, sister, my dad’s girlfriend, and her daughter.  This was our first real outing with my dad’s girlfriend, Jenna and her daughter, Hannah and we all had a blast!  For some reason, it was super warm in Portland that night which is very unusual for a November night in Maine.  I kid you not, it was 66 degrees!  We were able to wander the Old Port without freezing to death.  It was amazing!

Life Lately & A Big Announcement | High Heels & Combat BootsWe wandered the Old Port, checked out all the galleries, and watched some of the street performers.  It really was the perfect Thursday night and it’s been so much fun getting to know Jenna and Hannah.  They’re both so sweet and we love having them around!  Once we were done looking through all the galleries, we made our way back towards my dad’s hotel for some dinner.  Our original dinner plans didn’t work out since the Art Walk was going on right outside, so we had to find a restaurant a bit further away from all the chaos.  Luckily, everything in the Old Port is within walking distance!

Life Lately & A Big Announcement | High Heels & Combat BootsEarlier in the week, dad and Jenna announced that they had a bit of a surprise for us girls (myself, Alex, Kendal, and Hannah).  We all received an email saying we had to keep our schedules open for a weekend in December, but they wouldn’t tell us why.  Well at dinner, they decided to turn it into a game and make us guess the surprise.  I cannot even begin to explain the word puzzle my dad put together for us to figure out.  It was way too complicated and I’m amazed we even figured it out!  After about 20 minutes of confusion, we finally came to the conclusion that we’re doing a combined family weekend getaway to New York City next month! (see below for our happy faces!).

Life Lately & A Big Announcement | High Heels & Combat Boots

We are SO excited.  Our family did New York City around Christmastime back in 2008 and it was absolutely gorgeous.  It’s such a magical time of year to go to the city.  We’re renting a van so we can all travel together in one vehicle so that will be quite the experience.  We plan to go to see the Nutcracker Ballet and visit the World Trade Centers and Ellis Island.  Of course it’s a must that we do some shopping in Macy’s and visit Times Square as well.  It’s going to be a great trip and we’re all so excited for it!

I have a surprise!…

Now onto the big surprise.  I was going to keep it a secret until next month, but I’m just way too excited about it.  Last week, Zack put in his leave request for Christmas.  Originally, Zack didn’t want to come home to visit at all.  It’s “only” a year and it’s so expensive to fly back and forth.  Well he absolutely hates Japan so he caved in and decided he’d come back once.  From there, we just had to decide if we wanted to see each other for Christmas or in May when I graduate.  Of course I’d love for him to be there for my graduation, but I’ll be honest, guys, I’m really not handling the distance well and I very much need much husband to come home now.

SO he requested the time off.  We figured it would take a few weeks to find out if it gets approved or not, but just five days later, he got the email saying it had been APPROVED!  My best friend is coming home for Christmas!!

Photo Nov 06, 12 18 25 AM

I couldn’t possibly explain how happy this makes me.  I’m tearing up again just typing this because we really didn’t think we’d be able to do a visit at all this next year.  I feel so happy and so excited and so relieved to know that he’ll be coming home and spending the holidays with us.  I’ll have three whole weeks with him!  I spent that first night after he told me, just laying in bed, watching military homecoming videos on YouTube and crying happy tears as I pictured my own military homecoming.  These next few weeks cannot go by fast enough.
Photo Nov 06, 12 19 11 AM

When I first thought about the holidays, I honestly wanted to skip them altogether.  I didn’t want to celebrate if Zack couldn’t be home to celebrate it with me.  It just wasn’t going to be the same.  I went into this thinking that these next couple months would be the absolute worst and now I couldn’t be more excited for them.  I now have a visit from Erika, a family trip to NYC, and my husband coming home for Christmas and New Year’s all in the same month.  This holiday season is going to be absolutely amazing.  I couldn’t possibly ask for more.


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