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Pumpkins, Disney, & Allie’s First Halloween

Happy Thursday! I hope you all are having great week! This post is a bit late in the day, but life has been quite busy around here. Zack took last Thursday and Friday off so we could have an extended weekend together. Then we had a normal Monday before jumping into Halloween. Then we had a normal day yesterday and now I’m about to go into a busy weekend with photo sessions. So here’s what we’ve been up to!

Carving Pumpkins

Last Thursday was spent doing a ton of chores around the house and relaxing. Zack worked all day Wednesday and then Friday was our day trip to Disney. So we wanted a day in between where not a whole lot was going on. Of course we were up bright and early at 7am so by 8, we were up, dressed, caffeinated and ready to take on the day. Zack jumped right to carving our pumpkins while I got Allie dressed and ready for the day. Unfortunately our pumpkins didn’t last long, though. We had a horrible heat wave last week where it was over 100 degrees every single day and then the moment Sunday hit, the temperature dropped into the low 70’s/high 60’s. So by Halloween our pumpkins were completely moldy. But at least we got to take Allie to the pumpkin patch for the first time. That’s all that matters!

Once Allie woke up from her late morning nap, we drove over to Santee to find Allie a Halloween costume. Back home, we always go to Spirit Halloween so of course I looked for our closest location here in San Diego. But this location was horribly small and had next to no options for infant Halloween costumes. Originally we had wanted her to be Yoda, but we couldn’t find a costume that fit our vision. So since Spirit Halloween was a bust, we decided to try Party City. That too had next to no options. So then we ended up at Target. Again, zero options. But at that point we really just had to pick something.

We narrowed it down to a narwhal (Zack’s pick) or a flamingo (my pick). We ended up going with the flamingo! It was a 0-6 month costume so I was a little concerned about it fitting her considering she’s growing SO fast, but thankfully we tried it on that night and it fit perfectly! Once we were done running errands, we headed home so I could get our bags packed for Disney and then spent the rest of the night relaxing at home.


On Friday we decided to take Allie to Disneyland. Zack had purchased the tickets last Christmas and we still had yet to use them. So we wanted to go for Halloween and see all the decorations. Like usual, Allie was fantastic on the almost two hour drive there and back and we had an overall really good day together as a family. But to be honest, we were sooooo disappointed with Disneyland. Clearly we were spoiled growing up on the easy coast with Disney World. Disneyland was just so small and there wasn’t as much there to do.

Since Allie is too small for a vast majority of rides, we had decided we wanted to get our pictures taken with as many characters as we could instead. Well, we literally saw five characters the entire day. Five. That’s it. Mickey, Minnie, Pooh Bear, Jafar and the Queen of Hearts. That’s all. Not even a single Disney Princess. So the only character Allie actually got to meet was Mickey Mouse. We weren’t sure how she’d react to him, but she seemed to really love him! She’s at that age now where she reaches for people and objects in front of her so the moment we were standing next to him, she immediately reached out to touch his nose. It was the cutest thing! I’m disappointed she didn’t get to meet any other characters, but at least she met Mickey Mouse!

Since it was her first trip, I really wanted to buy her something to remember the trip. I wanted to buy her something that she could actually keep forever, but Zack really wanted to buy her a stuffed Mickey Mouse. So that’s what we settled on. He handed it to her and she immediately wrapped her arms around him and started eating his ear. So at that point we really couldn’t take it away from her.

Since Disney was kind of a disappointment we grabbed some lunch in Downtown Disney and then headed over to Disney’s California Adventure. We have three day park hopper tickets so we had full access to both parks. There were more rides over there and I definitely feel like that I liked it more than Disneyland. But we’re definitely going to have to do a giant vacation to Disney World when she’s a little older because it just wasn’t the same!

Thankfully since we weren’t spending the day standing around in lines, we were able to hit the road a little earlier and were home by dinnertime. Since neither one of us wanted to cook dinner at that point, we ordered some Chinese food and settled in for the night with some Netflix. My body was SO sore the following morning from all the walking so we literally did absolutely nothing that day and it felt super nice!


Lastly, we have Halloween. On Tuesday, Allie celebrated her very first Halloween which was super exciting! Since she’s too young to go tick or treating, we decided to dress her up to pass out candy instead. I totally planned on skipping Halloween. Seriously. Big bags of candy are like $15+ and we live in military housing so EVERYONE around us has children. I really didn’t want to spend $50+ on candy to give to other people’s kids. We’re not big candy eaters either so I also didn’t want any leftovers just hanging out in our home. But by 3 o’clock, I caved in and Allie and I ran to Walmart for some candy.

*Quick vent: So this week, I’ve had a ton of issues with strangers at Walmart. I assume a lot of parents have this issue, but I just don’t get it. I was at the check out counter with her in her stroller. I was putting everything up on the counter and when I turned back to her, this random older man had come out of nowhere and was standing next to me, touching Allie’s face and commenting on how cute and beautiful she is! I had this issue the day before as well at another Walmart location where two people randomly came up to her and started touching her. It’s one thing to say hello, but why would someone touch someone else’s baby? Especially without permission?! This upset me so much. The first day, I just found it rude and disrespectful and the second time, it even made me very uncomfortable because this man literally came out of nowhere. Do any of you have this issue? I’m still quite livid over it. It upset me so much.

Okay so back to our Halloween. We picked up some candy and some drinks for myself and Zack and were home in time for Allie to take a quick nap. While she napped, I got the house straightened up and ready for trick or treaters. Zack came home around 5 o’clock which was perfect because Allie was up 15 minutes later and then trick or treaters started arriving a few minutes after that. I totally planned on staying outside with Allie and Zack passing out candy, but for some reason the temperature went from low 70’s to low 80’s by the time trick or treating started and Allie’s costume was way too warm for that. So I kept her in it long enough to take photos and FaceTime with Zack’s mom and then she and I stayed inside editing photos and relaxing while Zack passed out candy.

By 7:30, Zack was over it so he came back in and we relaxed in the living room for the night.

What are you all up to in your lives? I’d love to catch up!


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