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[ad] Today I am dreaming of Christmas parties. Anyone else? We’re only halfway through the month and we’ve already had more family gatherings than I can count with so many more to go. And Christmas parties in the Bartlett household means photos…lots of photos. But I just didn't feel very photo-ready thanks to my grays (and yes, I had A LOT of grays). So I picked up @zotosprofessional hair color at @sallybeauty and these days I'm feeling gorgeous, confident, and ready to take on the holiday photos. Today on the blog, I'm sharing how I get myself photo-ready as well as what I plan to wear to this year's Christmas party! #MyAgeBeautiful #sponsored #linkinbio
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[ad] Today I am dreaming...

I've been a bit MIA lately. Why you may ask? Well, because I've been half on the struggle bus and half working on a rather large project that I've had in draft mode for far too long. And I am SO excited about it. I literally woke up the other day and decided THAT was the day I'd get started on it and I've been hooked on it ever since. If you're a mom in Southern Maine, you won't want to miss this! So be sure to sign up for our email list via the link in my bio so you can be one of the first to know what's going on.
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I've been a bit MIA...

Well, it's officially the day Zack and I have been looking forward to for a couple of years now. While we've already unofficially been "moved on" from military life for a couple of months now, today it's official that Zack is no longer an Active Duty Marine and I am no longer a military spouse. The first big chapter of his adult life and our life together has officially ended. It's scary almost when you've been living with all the stability of a lifestyle for so long. A stable job, stable income, health benefits, a home. It's been a challenging couple of months as we get more settled here in Maine and figure out the next step for our little family. But I know we have so much to look forward to in the next year and it's refreshing to know we have the opportunity to start over. I am so proud of this guy and I can't wait to see what the next chapter of our life has in store for us. •
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Well, it's officially the day...

This mama is on the struggle bus today. This morning I spent over an hour searching for Allie's sippy cup of milk only to find it in the shower...where I looked 5+ times considering that's where she was playing while I got ready for the day. I then got the incorrect order from Dunkin and to make that even worse, it was pumpkin flavored...and if you know me, you know I cannot stand anything pumpkin flavored so I couldn't even suck it up and drink it (shoutout to @mwhited8195 for bringing me the correct drink order!). Nap time wasn't any better. A solid 40 minutes of crying before Allie finally went down...then she woke up 30 minutes later 🙄 And now I'm scrambling to get everything on my to-do list done so we can officially launch Blogmas tomorrow 😬 It's been a morning and I'm about ready for my own nap at this point. But at least it's Friday? 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
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This mama is on the...

It's yet another snow day here in Maine. The last winter I spent here was in 2015 and we maybe had three snow storms all winter. This year, we've had 3-5 just in the last couple of weeks 🙄 I'm already homesick for beautiful and warm North Carolina summers 😔 anyone else here who hates winter? If you need us, Allie and I will be curled up inside with some movies and a never-ending to-do list. #bloggerlife •
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It's yet another snow day...

Blogmas starts in T-5 days! I've been working so hard on producing awesome Blogmas content these past couple of months so I'm super excited to finally start sharing it with you all this weekend. Today on the blog I'm sharing a quick breakdown of Blogmas 2018, what you can look forward to on Mainely Keating, and 25 blog post ideas for those of you who want to participate in Blogmas as well! You can find the link to the full blog post in my bio! •
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Blogmas starts in T-5 days!...

My Typical Day As A Work-At-Home Mom

*This post is sponsored by DockATot. I received free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

My Typical Day As A Work-At-Home Mom |

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic week. Now that it’s almost August, we’re a little more settled into our routines and roles as new parents. It’s been a crazy past couple of months around here as we make the necessary adjustments and get to know our little one. But I’m super happy with the progress we’ve made and where we are now. While it’s super challenging and sometimes exhausting some days, I really love our new life and my role as a mom.

Since we finally have it all together a bit, I wanted to share what a typical day around here looks like. I’ve had a couple people ask me how our days go and how I’m keeping everything balanced so I figured I’d do a whole post on it. So here we go!

For the most part, our day works on a 3-4 hour cycle: nap/work, bottle/diaper change, play time, diaper change, nap/work, etc. Then I add errands into that mix along with anything else that comes up. But most days that’s our basic cycle.

7amZack leaves for work. Typically Allie has a bottle and a diaper changing sometime between 5 and 6 so by the time Zack leaves, the two of us are still fast asleep. I usually just kiss him goodbye and go back to sleep for a bit. Zack will usually take care of Jack for me so I don’t have to worry about feeding him or letting him out first thing when I get up. If Allie wakes up when he leaves, then I’ll pull her into bed with me and put her in her DockATot*. Some mornings, this is the absolute only way she’ll sleep an extra couple hours for me. I know I say I don’t co-sleep and we totally don’t at night, but I cave in once it’s morning. That extra sleep is priceless!

9-10am: This is about the time range in which Allie wakes up and we officially start our day. Once she wakes up, I usually spend about 15 minutes or so just cuddling with her in bed. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends on how hangry she is (yes, she gets SO hangry). Once she starts breaking down and needing food, I’ll feed her, change her diaper, and put her into a new outfit for the day.

My Typical Day As A Work-At-Home Mom |

10-11am: Once Allie is all dressed and ready for the day then I start on some straightening up and other miscellaneous tasks. By then she’s much happier and comfortable so I’m able to put her in her rocker or DockATot* for a bit while I get some things done. This usually includes:

  • Removing any bottles or dirty diapers from the bedroom from the night before.
  • Making the bed.
  • Cleaning the bottles and making new ones to store in the fridge for the day.
  • Logging all her feedings and diaper changes from the night.
  • Picking up any miscellaneous items around the living room that need to be picked up.
  • Making breakfast and coffee.
  • Taking something out for dinner.
  • Putting away dishes if the dishwasher is clean and/or loading up the dishwasher with any dishes left in the sink.
  • Checking my emails and sharing new blog posts to Facebook groups (also, responding to any social media shoutouts from the night before or earlier that morning).

This list can easily be longer or shorter depending on the morning and whether or not Allie is being clingy. More gets done when I’m able to set her down for a bit but sometimes she insists on being held. So it’s a little harder to do everything one handed.

11am-Noon: This is when I finally take a shower and get dressed for the day. Sometimes it happens sooner if I don’t have as much to straighten up around the house, but typically I wait for Allie to have fallen back to sleep before I hop in the shower. Sometimes I’ll move her to her crib and bring the baby monitor into the bathroom with me, or I’ll just carry her into the bathroom in her DockATot* so I can keep an eye on her (with the door open of course so she doesn’t overheat!).

Thankfully our master bathroom is rather large as it connects to our closets and then to our bedroom as well so it’s really easy to have her in there without the room getting super warm. Usually my showers only last about 15-20 minutes so it’s rather easy to get in my shower while she sleeps.

My Typical Day As A Work-At-Home Mom |

Noon: By noon, Allie is usually ready for another bottle (or at least getting close to it). So I’ll grab some lunch, make my Shakeology and feed her if needed and change her diaper again. We’ll then make our way into our joint office/nursery for the afternoon. Now at this point, it’s already halfway through the day which totally sucks, but what can you do? I’d much rather have her sleep in a bit so I can get some extra sleep than wake up at the crack of dawn and be exhausted all day. So a 9-10am start works perfectly for us.

Once I’m in my office, we’ll play on the floor for a bit until Allie starts to get sleepy again. Usually she lasts an hour to an hour and a half or so before she’s ready for a nap again. Once she’s napping, this is when I’ll get blog work done. Now that I’m back on track with my blogging and not doing my graduate courses anymore, my entire day revolves around Allie and this blog.

Typically my afternoon tasks consist of:

  • Typing up new content.
  • Brainstorming new content.
  • Photography for upcoming posts and social media promotions.
  • Scheduling out social media for the following day/week.
  • Planning out my editorial calendar and/or making changes where and when needed.
  • Responding to blog comments, emails and social media shoutouts.
  • Applying to campaigns and pitching to companies I want to work with.
  • Updating my blog as needed.

3pm: Around 3 o’clock I make it a priority to step away from my computer and take Allie for a long walk. This is usually about the time where she’ll get fussy too and being that she LOVES walks, it’s the perfect time to go for one. Unfortunately, I don’t bring Jack with us on walks quite yet. While he’s been super awesome around other people and on his walks, I’m just not ready to balance both a stroller and an anxious German Shepard just in case. So we’re working towards me being able to take both of them at the same time.

Usually we’ll spend a good 30+ minutes outside depending on the weather and how warm it is outside. Normally, I aim for getting in about 2-3 miles or so before heading back to the house. Allie will also have a bottle and another diaper change either before or after the walk depending on how the day goes. Usually it’s every 3-4 hours so sometimes it’ll vary.

4pm: Once we’re back from our walk I’ll make sure Allie is fed and changed and then put her in her DockATot* while I finish up any other miscellaneous tasks that have to be done before Zack comes home. I spend this time getting some cleaning done around the house whether it’s vacuuming, decluttering, dishes, laundry, etc. Whatever has to be done that I didn’t get to that morning. Nothing too major as Zack and I will do bigger clean ups on the weekends when we’re both home. I’ll also get some more blog work done as well or work on my personal training certification program. This hour is pretty flexible overall.

My Typical Day As A Work-At-Home Mom |

5pm: Zack comes home from work around 5. Since he’s at work all day and Allie isn’t old enough for my gym’s daycare, this is my only time of day to go. So I’ll spend 15-20 minutes checking in with him and going over how Allie’s day was before I hop in the car and head to the gym for an hour. It sucks a bit to cut into my time with him, but continuing my workouts is super essential to my mental and physical health and we do have all weekend together. So we make it work.

Usually while I’m at the gym, Zack will straighten up the house if needed and start cooking dinner so that it’s ready by the time I come home. He’s been amazing at taking over some of the household responsibilities to allow me more time for myself and my blog. It really allows me to better balance everything I have going on. So I’m able to come home from the gym, have dinner and settle in for the night.

7pm: This is about the time that I’ll arrive home from the gym. Sometimes it’s a whole hour sooner if I just end up going to the fitness center at our apartment complex. But that’s rare. Like I mentioned above, once I’m home from the gym we have dinner and settle in for the night.

8pm: Typically Allie has another bottle sometime between 7 and 8 o’clock. While I feed her, Zack will start transitioning everything for bedtime. This includes making sure the bedroom is stocked with diapers, making her bottles, taking the dog out one last time, locking up the doors, taking out the trash if needed, etc. etc. We have a whole bedtime routine.

Once Allie is finished with her bottle, we’ll climb into bed and watch Netflix. Allie typically cuddles with me on my chest for the next couple hours until her final bottle. Usually she’s napping during this time, but sometimes she’ll stay awake and watch tv with us. I think she likes the colors and movement. It entertains her.

10-11pm: Usually Allie’s bottles occur around the same time every night which makes it so much easier to “plan” out the day. Her last bottle before we go to bed typically occurs between 10 and 11pm so I’ll feed her, change her diaper and put her down for the night. Lately, though she’ll sleep right through this bottle so we’ll play it by ear. This is usually when I fall asleep for the night as well (or I’ll continue to watch tv with Zack and then totally regret it when Allie wakes up between 1 and 3am).

11pm – 7am: Allie has been excellent with sleeping. She started out waking up twice: once between 1 and 3am and again between 4 and 6am. Now she either wakes up once around 3am or she’ll sleep right until 5am or so. It varies, but overall she’s great!

My Typical Day As A Work-At-Home Mom |

So there you have it. That’s a typical day in the life of a work-at-home mom. Some days we’ll have errands to run so those tend to occur around noon once we’re both up, dressed and fed. But most days, we’re home doing our thing. If you didn’t notice, our DockATot* literally goes everywhere with me throughout the day. The first month and a half were super challenging because I just couldn’t find an easy way to bring her from room to room with me. I’d literally carry her rocker with me everywhere and if you have one, you know that they’re not the lightest or easiest item to carry around with you. It became exhausting and obnoxious and honestly, she just wasn’t much of a fan of it either.

So we brought home DockATot and it’s been a complete lifesaver! The moment I got it out of the box, I put her in it and she was all smiles! This is a child that insists on being held for a good majority of the day. So the fact that she loved it that much was absolutely incredible. She laid there watching tv with us for an hour and then finally passed out and took a nap for two hours! I got more work done that afternoon than I had in her first 6 weeks of life combined!

So what can you use DockATot for? Well, you can use it for just about anything! Lounging, diaper changing, supervised tummy time, bonding, playing, cuddling, co-sleeping, etc. It’s great for just about anything and everything. And being that it’s super light and portable, you can easily take it with you from room to room or even on the go! Allie even rests in it when I’m in the shower.

Not only is DockATot* universal and portable, it’s machine washable, hypo allergenic, free of harmful substances, Oeko-Tex certified, and non-heat absorbing!  It’s also safe for those of you who choose to co-sleep and has been safety tested on many levels to ensure the safety of your little one as long as you use it appropriately. This means keeping your DockATot free from extra blankets, toys, and sheets, placing it on flat, firm, stable surfaces, putting baby to bed on their backs, etc. Your DockATot* should also be placed at the top of the bed, away from the edges when used for co-sleeping.

With all that said, this product is a huge hit on our home and a must for moms who work from home. It’s definitely been a challenging adjustment adding a newborn to my everyday schedule, but I’m completely in love with our new life and my everyday routine. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than spending my day with our little girl.

Are you a work-at-home mom? What does your typical day look like?




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