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Newborn Must-Haves & Regrets

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Newborn Must-Have's and Regrets |

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Now that Allie is getting bigger, I’m finally able to look back on her newborn stage to do a post on my newborn must-have’s. I wanted to go beyond the usual newborn must-have’s like rock n plays and swings and Mamaroos and wipe warmers and all those other typical baby items you see on all the newborn must-have blog posts (the ones you really don’t need). So I tried to include items you might not necessary have thought of. There are also a ton of items that I’ll be covering in the 0-3 month post that also apply to the newborn stage, but I tried to be specific to each stage and what worked best for us during that particular age. I didn’t want every post to overlap and consist of the same products. So if you’re in the process of building your registry then stay tuned for the next post in this series!

My Top Newborn Must-Have’s

A LOT of Onesies. Allie lived in nothing but onesies at this age. She had a couple cute outfits as well but honestly, babies just don’t need full outfits at this age and she actually didn’t even have sleepers either. I know a lot of moms swear by sleepers. But she was born in Southern California in May so sleepers were just too warm for her even at night. We just switched between long sleeved onesies at night and short sleeved onesies during the day. These onesies have just three snaps so it makes life a million times easier than sleepers as well. Some sleepers have zippers but I’ve also seen a ton that are all snaps and no one has time for that many snaps. So we’re super basic here. Just stock up on onesies.

Muslin Swaddle Blankets*. I have a love/hate relationship with Muslin Swaddle Blankets. They’re horrible for swaddling which I’ll talk more about in my 0-3 month must-haves and regrets, but they’re super awesome as light blankets. Again, we live in Southern California and Allie was born in May. So real, thick blankets just weren’t needed when she was a newborn. Instead, we use these blankets to toss over her legs in restaurants or grocery stores where it may be a little more chilly. We used them in the car as well when the AC was turned on high. They were also great for tossing over her car seat in public places when she was napping or when we were walking from the apartment to the car to keep her in the shade. We loved these things for this purpose. But not for swaddling.

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Moby Wrap*. I carried Allie a ton when she was a newborn. She was very clingy and always wanted to be close to me. So I used a Moby Wrap around the house which allowed her to be close to me, but still gave me the hand free freedom I needed in order to get things done. This was a lifesaver for us.

The Honest Company Lavender Baby Lotion*. This lotion is fantastic. I give Allie a nice little massage after every bath and the lavender scents really help to calm to calm her and make that transition into bedtime. Not to mention this lotion keeps her skin super soft and moisturized as well.

Nail Filers or Clippers. If you’ve already bought mittens, toss them in the trash. Seriously. Newborns don’t care for baby mittens so they don’t stay on. It’s so much easier to just keep their nails clipped or filed. Babies’ nails grow super fast so this is part of our every day routine.

Playtex Diaper Genie*. Some people will say this isn’t a necessity, but I seriously love ours. We actually debated on getting a second one for our downstairs when we moved into a two-story house. I know a lot of people just toss them in the regular trash can or take them out to the dumpster, but 1. I’m not walking all the way outside to throw out a diaper and 2. I didn’t want diapers in our normal trash can simply because our dog sometimes gets into the trash. It doesn’t happen often, but certain items in the trash can make him more likely to go for it. And I wasn’t sure how he’d be with diapers. So we love our diaper genie. It’s in her nursery and does a great job at concealing the smell too.

Car Seat Mirror*. This is another product that moms are divided on. I’ve been told it’s going to kill my child if I were to get into a car accident. I totally get where people are coming from there. But to be fair, ANYTHING in your car is a danger if you were to get into an accident. So sue me. We love our car seat mirror. Especially when Allie was a newborn. I really wanted to be able to easily check on her while I was driving so I could see if she spit up or something and really make sure she was okay. And now that she’s older she can actually see me through the mirror as well so it allows me to interact with her a bit too.

Playtex Baby Nursers*. The original bottles we used were so horrible (in our experience) so we quickly switched to Playtex Nursers and have had a fantastic experience ever since (I did a full review on them here). Our issue with our old bottles were that they caused a ton of painful gas and the Playtex Nursers are excellent at preventing that. So we highly recommend them.

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Up & Up Cucumber Wipes. We loved these wipes so much at this age. I use the Yes To Cucumbers wipes a lot in my everything life and the cucumber scent has always been very soothing to me. So I thought we’d try the cucumber scented baby wipes by Up & Up for that same reason. Newborns are very prone to diaper rashes (and we’ve actually been very fortunate to not have had ANY diaper rashes in the first 8 months *knock on wood*) so I thought it would be soothing to have the cucumber wipes as opposed to the others I was looking at. So we loved these!

Stroller Hooks*. There are LIFESAVERS. I’m not sure why more moms don’t buy these. I got them off Amazon and I just hooked them to our stroller. We lived in an apartment at the time so having hooks on the stroller allowed me to bring groceries into the house without having to make trips to balance a car seat and a bunch of bags. I just clicked her car seat into the stroller, hooked the groceries to it and we were good to go! This came in handy while we were out as well. I loved them!

Munchkin Diaper Bag Dispenser*. This is a must for any diaper bag and/or car (I have one in both). It’s a little dispenser that holds trash bags for when you’re changing diapers on the go. These come in handy constantly. Even now at 8 months! So I recommend buying a few of these.

My Top Newborn Regrets

While I had some products I absolutely loved for this stage, I also had some products that were a complete waste of money in my mind. Now not all moms agree with me on these items and that’s totally fine! But for my daughter, these items just didn’t work out for us.

Wubbabub*. This is so pointless for newborns. It’s a cute concept and I know a lot of moms who swear by them. The stuffed animal attached to the pacifier is supposed to help keep it weighted on the baby’s chest so that the pacifier stays in the mouth. But honestly they’re just heavy and fall out so easily. And when they do fall out, babies don’t know how to pick it back up and put it back in. They also don’t know how to hold it in place either and they’re really not interested in the stuffed animal at that age. We tried it again once she was a couple months old and at that point, she was interested in the stuffed animal but then she’d look at her pacifier like a toy and pull it out within seconds of giving it to her and then she’d be left crying because her pacifier “fell out”. She understands a lot better now at 7 months, but this still isn’t a huge hit in our home.

Microwave Sterilizer*. We never used it. Plain and simple. We never sterilized a single bottle. Sue me! We wash every bottle with hot soap and water after after every use and deep clean in the dishwasher on a weekly basis. Seriously, that’s all you need! You really don’t need to waste time and energy sterilizing every single thing your child touches after every use. I promise, they’ll be okay!

Avent Bottles*. I have absolutely no idea why these are the most preferred baby bottle among parents, but we couldn’t stand these. First off, they leaked horribly. No matter how tight you screwed on the top. They’d still leak. And then they gave Allie horrible gas as well. Horrible to the point where she’d scream and cry through every bottle no matter how often you stopped to burp her. I know all babies are different, but we can’t be the only people out there who have had these issues with these bottles. We stopped using them pretty quickly.

Baby Mittens*. Pointless. Babies don’t like them and they don’t stay on for longer than 30 seconds. Don’t even bother. Just keep their nails clipped or filed. It’s a million times easier and less stressful.

So there you have it. Those were my newborn must-have’s and regrets. I plan to have a few more posts in this series covering 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and then 9-12 months so if you liked this post then be sure to stay tuned for the rest of the series!

Tell me! What were your newborn must-have’s and regrets?