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Our Review Of The Halo SleepSack

Our Review Of The Halo SleepSack |

When Allie turned 6 months old, she hit a bit of a rough patch with her sleep. She went from sleeping 100% through the night to waking up a couple times a night, looking for her pacifier. She also started experiencing some separation anxiety at nap times which made it incredibly challenging to put her down. 9 times out of 10, it resulted in a temper tantrum that you’d normally expect from a 2 year old. Not a 6 or 7 month old. It was becoming almost unbearable so we decided to make a few changes to her sleep.

I had always heard amazing things about the Halo SleepSack. I know so many moms switch to the sleep sack after they’re done swaddling and honestly, I just didn’t want to do that. I skipped it completely because in my mind it was just another transition she’d have to go through later on. She can’t sleep swaddled up or in a sleep sack forever. So I figured it would be easier to just stop swaddling altogether at 5 months. But by 8 months, she had been in a regression period for about a month and a half and I was looking to try something new. She had moved past the separation anxiety a bit so naps were a million times better. But she was still having random wake ups in the middle of the night and sometimes they resulted in having to bring her into bed with us which is something I hate doing. So we bit the bullet and bought a sleep sack!

Why did we choose the Halo SleepSack?

First off, we went with the Halo SleepSack simply because it was the only sleep sack I had heard of and I knew Target carried it. There wasn’t any extensive research on sleep sacks or anything along those lines. I had really just always heard great things about it from other moms so at that point, I trusted that it would probably be a good option. So we went with it. We hit up Target one night after dinner and I picked one up for her.


The HALO SleepSacks come is five different sizes.

Newborn: 19″ to 23″ (48 to 58 cm) and 6-12 pounds

Small: 23″ to 26″ (58 to 66 cm) and 10-18 pounds

Medium: 26″ to 30″ (66 to 76 cm) and 16-24 pounds

Large: 30″ to 35″ (76 to 89 cm) and 22-28 pounds

X-Large: 35″ to 40″ (89 to 101 cm) and 26-36 pounds

I wasn’t sure on the sizing. We got the medium and height wise, she’s right at the top of the “height limit”. But they didn’t have the next size up and I wasn’t even sure if it was going to work so I got it anyways. Thankfully the size was actually perfect. It’s much bigger than we thought it would be and she still has some wiggle room in it.

Our Review Of The Halo SleepSack |

Our Review Of The Halo SleepSack |


When we got back home, I put Allie in her sleep sack in the living room and let her practice moving around in it. Once babies can roll, they cannot be swaddled anymore. So even though it says online that the sleep sack is safe for rolling babies, I still wanted to make sure she could move around in it easily before putting her down for the night. Thankfully, it passed the movement test! This child was crawling across the floor with zero issues and after a few attempts, she could pull herself to standing in it as well. So it does not restrict movement in any way!

First reactions:

So prior to using the Halo SleepSack, Allie had been waking up roughly 1-3 times a night. Not typically for long periods, but usually it was because her pacifier fell out or something and she couldn’t find it. I’d give it back to her and she’d pass back out. Or she’d have a time or two every week where she was just wide awake and crying and refusing to go back down. But those instances were more rare.

The first night we tried the Halo SleepSack, Allie slept 100% through the night. 7pm to about 6:30am or something like that. But she had ZERO wake ups! The second night, she had one wake up around 1am or so, but it was a missing pacifier incident. Nothing major. And from there, she continued to sleep through. We also used it at naps and her separation anxiety completely disappeared. It had been getting better leading up to buying the sleep sack, so naps were already doing better, but bringing in the sleep sack was a game changer there as well. She went down so easily and with little to no fussing, every. Single. Time!

1 month later:

We’ve now been using the Halo SleepSack for about a month now and I’m still in complete awe over it. She’s still back to sleeping 100% through the night (with the exception of an occasional wake up here and there if her pacifier falls out of her crib) and we couldn’t be happier. Even naps are so much better these days. The moment I zip her up, she knows it’s time to sleep and she’ll go right down instantly every time. No fuss at all! So we still love this product so much.

Our Review Of The Halo SleepSack |


  • It’s safe. Speaking of blankets and safety, it’s important that babies not have blankets in their cribs with them as they pose a suffocation risk. Allie is the poster child for why you don’t give babies blankets. The moment you hand her one, she puts it over her face. They can’t do that with the Halo SleepSack because they’re literally wearing it. So for those who live in colder climates this time of year, a sleep sack is perfect for keeping your little one both safe and warm.
  • It’s easy to move in. This thing doesn’t restrict movement in any way! This is so important when your child is mobile like ours is. You don’t want them to get stuck and be unable to move in their sleep. You want them to be able to move freely.
  • They make them all the way to a size 3T! So even your toddlers can use the Halo SleepSack.
  • It’s convenient. Allie doesn’t have any middle of the night bottles or diaper changes or things like that, but for babies who still wake up in the middle of the night for those things, this product is perfect! It zippers from the top down so it’s super easy to get in there to change diapers in the middle of the night without completely undressing them.


  • It’s a little pricey. This is seriously the only con for us. The Halo SleepSack is $21.99 at Target, which I actually found to be a little on the pricy side. We used velcro swaddle blankets when she was younger and got three in a package for that same price so only getting one was a little bit of a bummer. Most parents want a few of them so you’re not having to wash the same one multiple times a week. But for now, we’re making it work with the one.

Final thoughts:

We LOVE this product! I think I made that pretty clear throughout this entire post. But we seriously love the Halo SleepSack and fully plan to buy more for her. This thing has been a game-changer for us in the sleep department (although there was one other change we made to her sleep as well which I’ll discuss in another post). I’ve always worked so hard with Allie on her sleep and always promoting good sleep habits so I know her sleep could have been a million times worse. But those 1-3 wake ups every night were really starting to get to me. Even if they only lasted a few minutes each time, I was waking up the following morning feeling like a zombie. So I was more than happy to try something new to help her. This was just what we needed. It got her back on track instantly with no transition period whatsoever.

I would absolutely recommend this product to other parents. Especially if you’re having some issues in the sleep department. It’s definitely worth trying!

Do you use the Halo SleepSack? Do you love it as much as we do?