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Our Thoughts On HelloFresh

Our Thoughts On HelloFresh |

Last month, we finally decided to try out HelloFresh. We see it in our newsfeed constantly and I’m always seeing and hearing such great reviews on it. I admit, we do not eat the best during our busy weeks. Some nights, neither one of us feel like cooking so we end up turning to something unhealthy like macaroni and cheese or we’ll spend way too much money on take out food.

It got to a point where we weren’t eating very well and were spending way too much money on food each week. Since I’m dying to get back in shape and eating better, we decided to try HelloFresh to see if it would help in keeping me on track nutritionally and in keeping our spending at a minimum.

For our first order, we chose Creamy Shrimp Tagliatelle, Chicken Sausage Pizzas and Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas. I wanted to make sure we had some variety so we could get a feel for what HelloFresh had to offer. We were SO excited when our box arrived in the mail the following week.

Opening up the box, every recipe we ordered was neatly packaged in its own brown paper bag. HelloFresh supplied every ingredient needed for each recipe so there was zero need to head to the store to pick anything up (kind of the point of the service haha). Another thing we loved was that every meal took 30 minutes or less to make from start to finish. We saved these meals for the nights where Zack came home late from work or we were a bit late in our nightly routine. They were so quick and easy to make so it made cooking so much less stressful on those nights.

We were a little worried about the portion sizes as we started to make each meal. Just looking at the ingredients, the portion sizes looked super small so it was a little concerning at first. BUT after making each meal, they ended up being perfect portion sizes for us! I was pleasantly surprised. We actually had leftovers from two of the meals so it gave me something healthy and delicious to have for lunch the following day.

The first meal we tried was the Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas (pictured in this post). This was Zack’s favorite of the three meals and we actually ended up making them on our own later that week (yes, we had this meal twice in one week. He loved it that much!). The second meal we tried was the Creamy Shrimp Tagliatelle which was my favorite of the three. I love anything with seafood and/or pasta so this was a huge winner for me. This meal was super easy to make and was absolutely delicious. And then the third meal we had was Chicken Sausage Pizzas. Again, these were also super yummy and they were much bigger than we had anticipated as well. So all three meals were huge winners in our home!

Now let’s get down to our pros and cons here . . .


  • It’s all-inclusive. The fact that they send you every ingredient needed for each meal is so helpful and convenient. It was little to no effort on our part.
  • Convenience. Man was it nice to not have to go to the grocery store that week. I feel like some weeks, I’m at the store on an almost daily basis and to be honest, I cannot stand grocery shopping. So not having to go that week was AWESOME.
  • Healthy meal options. I loved having healthier meal options besides macaroni and cheese and take out food. We certainly didn’t eat bad every night but when we’re having a long day, we’re just not wanting to put the time and effort into thinking of good, healthy meal options. So HelloFresh helped a ton there.
  • Great portion sizes. As mentioned earlier, we were pleasantly surprised with the portion sizes. They looked like they’d be way too small and we had a few friends say they were small as well. But the three meals we great were awesome sizes so it was perfect for us.
  • They send wine! How awesome is this?! We haven’t tried their wine subscription but the fact that they also do wine is so great for us tired mamas.


  • Price. This is a HUGE downside for us. We were super fortunate to have had a coupon code for our first box, but as much as we loved it, we just couldn’t continue it past that week due to the price. For three meals a week for two people, I think it was about $60+/week or something like that ($10 a serving) and that’s just not affordable for most families. Their family plan is cheaper but even then it’s over $100 a week for four meals for four people. So the pricing is super disappointing. I have some friends who save a lot on HelloFresh, but we didn’t.

All in all, we absolutely loved HelloFresh. We recommend it to anyone and everyone who’s wanting healthy meal options and the convenience of it makes it really helpful and easy for families. But the price is what gets us. I so wish it could be more affordable so we could take advantage of it more often, but for now we save it as a treat when we have the money to splurge on it.

Have you tried HelloFresh? Did you love it as much as we do?