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Packing For A Holiday Weekend Getaway

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This post is sponsored by Acorn, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Packing For A Holiday Weekend Getaway | Why Hello Lovely

This afternoon my family will be off to New York City for a holiday weekend getaway!  It’ll be our first family vacation with my dad’s new girlfriend and her daughter so we’re all very excited to be able to get away for a few days and spend some time together.  It’s going to be so nice to get away from the stress and have a change in scenery.  Zack will be home in six days (whoo!!) and now four of those days will be spent in the city.  Hopefully I’ll be so busy that the time will fly right by!

If you’ve never been to New York City around Christmastime then you need to add it to your bucket list.  The city is so magical this time of year.  Everything is decorated and there’s much going on.  There’s something fun to do for everyone in the family.  Some of our key points this trip are the Nutcracker Ballet, the Freedom Tower, Macy’s, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square.  I’d love to do the Empire State Building if we have time as well.  Jenna’s daughter has never been to the city so we’ll definitely be doing some fun, touristy things while we’re there.

Packing For A Holiday Weekend Getaway | High Heels & Combat Boots

When I was a teenager, I was horrible at packing.  Rather than packing the items I actually needed, I had a habit of packing all my favorite items.  My favorite clothes and my favorite beauty products had to go everywhere with me even if I didn’t plan on wearing/using them.  It was a bit ridiculous and resulted in my constantly having 3-5 pages on every trip (no joke…I was a nightmare to travel with).  Nowadays I have a system when I’m packing for a trip.

First I like to have some sort of itinerary so that I know how many days I’ll be gone and what I’ll be doing while I’m away.   This allows me to see how many outfits I’m going to need throughout my trip as well as what type of outfits I’ll be needing.  For this trip, we’ll be away for four days.  We’ll be seeing the Nutcracker ballet which means I need something super cute and a little more fancy to wear (see what I’m wearing here).  We’ll also be doing a lot of sightseeing which means I need to bring comfortable shoes and dress warmly for the December temperatures.  Knowing what I’m going to be doing and how long I’ll be gone makes it so much easier to figure out what to pack.

Packing For A Holiday Weekend Getaway | High Heels & Combat Boots

Second, I start creating all of my outfits.  For this trip, I needed 4-5 outfits with two of them being ‘travel’ outfits (Thursday and Sunday), meaning they have to be comfortable to be in the car for an extended period of time and one being a bit more “fancy” (Saturday).  Then I packed a regular outfit for Friday as well as a back up outfit just in case it’s needed.  I also needed to make sure to bring a bathing suit, pjs, extra socks, underwear, and all those other essentials.

While planning my outfits, I also take into consideration the accessories I need for each.  Since this is a shorter trip, I’m using the same bag and shoes for each day of the trip (aside from the heels I’ll be wearing at the ballet).  I’ll also be wearing the same scarf for two of the outfits as well.  I wont be packing too many extras which allows me to pack everything comfortably in a single bag.

Third, I need my beauty products.  Duh.  This includes all makeup, shower products, and miscellaneous extras that I may need.  Again, I try to pack just the necessities.  If it’s a shorter trip, then pack travel sized products if possible.  I will also only be taking my straightener with me because I know I wont be using a curling iron and the hotel will have a blow dryer.  I try to condense as much as I can so that I’m not carrying a million bags full of clothes and products I wont even end up touching.

Packing For A Holiday Weekend Getaway | High Heels & Combat Boots

Since it’s the holidays and Zack will be home next week, I know there will be tons of pictures taken over the next few weeks.  Because of this, it’s super important to have a beautiful smile.  I was finally able to get my teeth straightened this past spring so now my only issue has been the color of my teeth.  I’m a huge coffee and red wine drinker so it’s not always easy to get that beautiful white smile.  To solve this issue, I will be packing my Crest 3D 1-Hour Whitestrips.

Crest 3D 1-Hour Whitestrips remove years of teeth stains in just one hour!  They’re very comfortable to wear and thanks to their advance seal technology’s no slip grip, they stay put for the full hour so that you can talk and drink water while whitening.  Leading up to our trip, I used the Whitestrips every night while I got work done.  One night, I even wore them in a Skype meeting and no one even noticed I had them on!  This makes them perfect for women on the go who just don’t have the time to stop and whiten their teeth throughout the day.  They also use the same enamel safe whitening ingredients that dentists use so you can feel confident in knowing they’re safe to use.

Packing For A Holiday Weekend Getaway | High Heels & Combat Boots

Crest 3D White Whitestrips 1-Hour Express Teeth Whitening Kit is having a limited-time offer where you can buy one kit at and get another for FREE!  This gives you 8 strip treatments; each with upper and lower strips to help you achieve that perfect holiday smile!

How do you pack for a holiday weekend getaway?  Are you working towards a whiter smile for the holidays? 


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