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So. Many. Changes.

So Many Changes | Why Hello Lovely

Hello lovelies! How’s your week going? Is anyone else as thrilled about Friday as I am? I feel like this week flew by though so I really cannot complain. So anyway, onto the title of this post. What changes am I talking about? Well, I have had so many big visions for this blog in the last year. SO many. Right now, when I look at my blog, I see one big mess. I’m not saying it’s horrible by any means. I’m rather proud of how far this blog has come in such a short period of time. But I am more than ready to get serious and take this blog to the next level and in order to do that, there needs to be some BIG changes.

So in order to make these changes happen, I will be shutting down for a bit and relaunching January 1st. I haven’t quite figured out when the shut down will begin, but I do know that I am at least finishing out this month since I have some amazing sponsors that I’m working with right now. I would like to shut down on December 1st and really give myself an entire month to make the changes, but it would kill me to shut down for that long. So we’ll see. You all will be the first to know when this shut down will begin. For now, I would love for you all to take a moment to scroll to the bottom of this post and take a reader survey for me. This will help a TON in determining what other changes need to be made around here and how I can make you happy as a reader. If the popup isn’t working, then you can access the reader survey by clicking here.

SO what changes are being made around here? What can you all expect from the new blog? Well the name will not be changing. Thank God. I’m sure you all are just as sick of name changes as I am right now. But I am starting to head in a whole new direction with this blog. I started out blogging a lot about military life and our life as a couple, but as I’ve grown as a blogger, I’ve really shifted from this niche. Although I love helping other military spouses and sharing my life with you all, I just feel that I as a person just aren’t that connected to the lifestyle anymore. We’re two years away from moving on from it and I’m just not into it anymore.

My new focus will be towards healthy living. As someone who has worked so hard on her physical and mental health this past year, I now know and understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. And so often, I get readers wondering how it is I manage to do it all. So I now want to help others improve their own lives as well. I want to help busy moms, entrepreneurs, wives, and so many others bring balance to their own lives. I want women everywhere to be able to conquer their day one cup of coffee (or glass of wine) at a time. So with this new niche in mind, here’s what will be changing around here:

The theme. Yup, once again there will be a new theme around here. All big rebrands have to come with a new theme, right?! I really don’t know what my issue is in terms of the theme, but I just cannot seem to find a good theme that I feel truly fits.

The images. Oh gosh the images. This is going to be a HUGE project. I have struggled so much with my images this past year. Everyone stresses the importance of Pinterest-friendly images in the blogging world so a very good majority of my blog posts have them. But in all honesty, I hate the way they look. Yeah, they’re pinnable, but I’m just not a fan of them. And then on top of that, I got stuck in the stock image rut as well. I strongly believe that my blog images are what’s keeping me from fully loving my site. SO I plan to replace all my blog images with new, bright, clear images taken by me. So this alone is what’s going to take me a good majority of December to fix. Wish me luck!

The branding. This is going to be one giant rebrand since I’m completely redirecting the focus on my blog. New fonts (?), new color scheme, new topics, new feel. So much newness! But I can promise you that every post will be just as authentic and genuine. My voice is going nowhere!

The post topics…kind of. I have been desperately trying to hone in on my blog topics for a while now. While I’d love to post about everything under the sun, I really need to stop doing this so often. It makes it so hard to put my posts into categories because they’re so all over the place. Again, it’s messy and it drives me inane sometimes.

So what topics can you expect to see around here? Well with my new direction in mind, this blog will be focused around healthy living: health and fitness, beauty and style, marriage, healthy pregnancies and parenting (when the time comes, of course), etc. These are actually my current “main topics”, but you’d probably never even know that with how messy it all is around here! So I’m going to really hone in on this topics from now on.

I want to be well-rounded so that I’m touching upon all parts of my reader’s lives, but I’m also not trying to write about EVERYTHING. So I will not be covering: military life, finances, college life, pets, etc. I’ve written about these in the past and now they’re just not the topics my ideal reader is wanting or needing. For example, a while back, I wrote a post on why I hate clubs. I don’t go to clubs and my ideal reader isn’t out partying all the time either. So why am I writing about it? Exactly. It doesn’t make sense. So unfortunately those miscellaneous posts have to go.

Lastly, I wont be sharing as many personal posts around here. Of course I’ll keep you all up to date on our lives, but I just feel that this blog isn’t simply to talk about our life anymore. It’s turned into my business. It’s my baby. So rather than telling you how our weekend was, I’d much rather give you some content that helps you in some way.

So. Much. Updating. Pretty much every page on this site needs a good updating: my about me, my contact page, the navigation bars, the sidebar, the photos, older blog posts, etc. etc. etc. There’s so much work that has to be done which is part of why I need to be down for a month.

Along with many changes, I will adding in a ton of new stuff as well! I have been brainstorming and planning these things for way too long now and none of it has happened yet. I’ve started to try adding some of these things in the past, but I just didn’t stick with them long enough for them to go anywhere. So it’s time to get serious here.

A newsletter. I am super excited about this! I have so many amazing subscribers on my email list and I’m completely failing as a blogger to give my subscribers awesome content. SO from now on there will be a weekly newsletter that goes out every Sunday night. That way it’s in your inbox ready to be opened on Monday mornings. This newsletter will be full of Monday morning inspiration as well as a recap of the previous week’s posts. I’ll also use it as a way to keep you all updated on any changes or new content so that you never miss what’s going on around here. I’ll be starting the newsletter in December so that you all can receive updates on the relaunch as well so if you’re not already on my list, be sure to subscribe here!

Products and downloads. I would love to create a resource library for you all full of printables and free content for you all to help  you stay focused and inspired in your every day lives. I’m also working on my first ever e-book as well which I will keep you all updated on once I have more planned for it. It’ll also be launching on January 1st along with the new site. Stay tuned for more information on that later! But I want to go beyond my Facebook posts and give you all even more content!

A bigger and better Facebook group. I started a Facebook group a while back and then completely neglected it. I feel so horrible to those who are in that group and those who still continue to post in it because I’ve been 100% MIA. It’s so bad. So I’m going to revamp the Facebook group to make it even better. Rather than being centered around blogging and business, I want it to be more of a community. I want it to be a place where women can connect with one another and inspire each other. I’ll try to have this group up and going before anything else, that way I can also use that as a way to keep you all updated through this process as well!

There are so many other updates I’m making as well in the next month and a half, but the rest are mainly in the background, behind the scenes so you all wont even notice how much better it is back here from my point of view. It’s pretty messy back here at the moment. It’s horrible. I’m more than ready to organize it all so that I have a better, more productive work environment. I am so excited for all these changes and I have so many plans for this blog in the new year. I’m going to start the new year off right and I have such high hopes that 2017 will be the year.

What else would you love to see more or less of around here? I’d love your input so please take a moment to fill out this reader survey!

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