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20 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers

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20 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Are you a last-minute shopper? Don't worry! I am too. So here are 20 great stocking stuffers for toddlers, perfect for the last-minute shopper!

Are you a last-minute shopper? Don’t worry! I am too. Toddlers can be so challenging to buy for sometimes so I literally just put Allie’s stocking together this past week. #MomLife, am I right?

After polling other moms and getting Allie’s shopping done, I came up with 20 great stocking stuffers for toddlers. These are perfect for the last-minute shopper because they can all be found on Amazon and they all have free 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime! So they’ll arrive just in time for Christmas (and for those of you who don’t have prime, I’m sure you can buy a lot of these in your local Target or Walmart). Here are my top 20 stocking stuffers for toddlers!

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Bath Crayons

Bath Crayons

We love making bathtime fun with bath crayons. Let your little one’s imagination run wild on bath night! 

Buy it:

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Modo Dough

Modo Dough

Modo Dough is a great non-toxic alternative to Play-Doh. It’s also fragrance-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free. The container even comes with a thick elastic band with patterns on it to allow your little one to make art in the dough.

Buy it: $23

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Indestructables


We love Indestructables for Allie! These books are chew-proof, rip-proof, non-toxic, and 100% washable! The perfect book for babies and toddlers so we picked up a couple for our little one.

Buy it: $6

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Bubble Bath

The Honest Company Bubble Bath

Now that Allie is loving bathtime again, we thought we’d pick up her very first bottle of bubble bath. We’re loving The Honest Company in our home so it’s our go-to brand for bath products for Allie.

Buy it: $11

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Clin g-On Stickers

Cling-On Stickers

Our little one is a huge fan of stickers, but regular stickers just don’t last long. She sticks them to something and that’s that. They can’t be used again. So we picked up some cling-on stickers so she has an endless amount of fun.

Buy it: $11

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Slippers


Allie loves wearing shoes in the house so we decided it was finally time to buy her first pair of slippers. These ones are super adorable and have many color options!

Buy it: $11

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Teething Blanket

Fox Teether Blankie

Some may think teethers are only for babies, but those molars are no joke. Allie’s been working on hers for a couple of months now and they still have yet to break through. So this is a super cute option for you mamas with teething toddlers.

Buy it: $9

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Bath Toys

Submarine Bath Toy

I’m obsessed with this cute little submarine bath toy for the simple fact that it’s mold-free! There’s nothing I hate more than bath toys that get all gross, slimy, and moldy. They’re definitely not something I want our toddler playing with. This one is made of silicone and is mold-free, BPA-free, PVC-free, and phthalate-free

Buy it: $12

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Washable Crayons

Crayola Washable Crayons

Worry less about messes with the world’s most washable crayons! These crayons easily wash off most surfaces with just soap and water. So you can let your toddler color without worrying about big messes.

Buy it: $7

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Freeze Dried Snacks

Freeze Dried Snacks

I love including a tasty treat for our little one so something like chocolate covered fruits and berries is an excellent option in my book. Allie loves fruits and the chocolate instantly turns it into a little bit of a treat.

Buy it: $7

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Hair Clips

Hair Clips & Bows

Aren’t these hair clips adorable?! I wish my child would leave these in her hair, but I know she’d pull them out instantly. If you’re lucky enough to have a little one who doesn’t mind bows, you need these in their stocking!

Buy it: $11

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Routine Cards

Day Planner Routine Cards

This is an awesome gift for not only toddlers but for preschoolers and older children as well. It’s a little pricier, but for good reason: it’s specifically designed for children with ADHD and other special needs (although these cards can work for all children!)! These magnets turn everyday tasks into a fun game that motivates children to organize their day and to follow a plan without reminders. You just choose the cards needed for that day, place them on the fridge (or another magnetic surface) and your child removes the magnet as he/she completes the task.

Buy it: $35

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Bath Letters

Little Tikes Bath Letters and Numbers

Allie has these for her baths and she loves them. They stick to the bathtub wall and are a fun way to teach your children letters, numbers, and colors! For older kids, you can take it one step further and even teach them how to spell. It’s a super easy way to make bathtime fun and educational.

Buy it: $5

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Bath Ball

Munchkin Baby Bath Ball

Have you noticed we love bath toys? Bath time just becomes so much more fun once you’re a toddler! This is a colorful ball that shakes, strains, rattles, and rolls! It’s a great way to stimulate your child’s senses. Perfect for both babies and toddlers!

Buy it: $3

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Wooden Maracas

Wooden Maracas

I love wooden toys and Allie loves music (as do a lot of toddlers). So toys like wooden maracas are always a hit with our toddler.

Buy it: $10

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets

How cute are these finger puppets? These are an adorable way to liven up a storybook or get your child’s imagination running wild. Amazon also has a 16-piece set which includes the 10 animal puppets seen above and 6 family member puppets if you want to expand your child’s collection.

Buy it: $8

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Jellyfish

Boon JELLIES Suction Cup Bath Toys

Our little one loves these jellies! They can be used both in the bath and out and they stick to just about any hard surface. Keep in mind that these are a little on the small side so always be sure to supervise your toddlers when they’re playing with them!

Buy it: $11

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Toddler Toothbrush

FridaBaby SmileFrida Toddler Toothbrush

It’s so important to start good, healthy habits with your kids at a young age. And that includes dental hygiene. The SmileFriday toothbrush is 3-sided making it super easy to brush your child’s teeth from all angles which makes it perfect for wiggly toddlers. We highly recommend it to moms of babies and toddlers.

Buy it: $10

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - Pull Back Vehicles

M-jump Pull-Back Vehicles

Cars and trains are an excellent choice for young children. These pull-back vehicles pull back and go and have joints that can swing, keeping toddlers entertained longer.

Buy it: $9

Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers - VTech Phone

VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone

We have a similar toy for our toddler and she absolutely loves it! We keep it in my car and it makes for an excellent distraction on longer car rides. The one we have teaches the alphabet, plays music, and so much more. This is a great learning tool for toddlers.

Buy it: $13

What are your favorite stocking stuffers for toddlers?