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How To Stay Connected With Long-Distance Family This Holiday Season

For the first time in quite some time, both Zack and I will actually be in our home state for Christmas this year! With Zack being in the Marine Corps for the last 8 years and us constantly living thousands of miles from family, it's been challenging to get back to Maine for the holidays. ... READ the POST

4 Easy Ways To Maintain a Relationship With Long-Distance Family

It wasn't until I became an adult and got married that I realized just how important it is to maintain relationships with my family. In my case, a long distance relationship with family. I no longer have a parent reminding me to call my grandparents on their birthdays or to send thank you cards when ... READ the POST

5 Ways A Year of Long Distance Improved My Marriage

Today marks three years of marriage for me and Zack. Three years already. That's crazy to me. This time last year, Zack was overseas on a tiny island. He had been away for about a month and a half at that point and I was sitting here feeling completely miserable and lonely. I'm glad this year's ... READ the POST

9 Month Check-In

First off, can we just give my "baby" sister, Alex a round of applause for my awesome new blog images (pictured above, in my sidebar and in my about me!)? I finally got to upgrade my Nikon this past month so we've been out playing with my new lenses this week and I couldn't love the new photos more. ... READ the POST

7 Month Check-In

Another month down!  Whoo!  But didn't I just do my 6 month check-in like last week??  This month really flew by.  This is going to be a super short check-in since my blog was down for the last 24 hours and I didn't actually think I'd get to post today.  Now that we're past the halfway point, I'm ... READ the POST

I Don’t Want To Be A Military Spouse

It is 6 o'clock in the morning and I'm just hours away from yet another airport goodbye. Zack has been home for three weeks visiting for the holidays and it went by way too fast. Now we're making the drive to Boston so he can catch his flight back to Japan. It's yet another day of tears.  Another 7 ... READ the POST