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A Look Back On 2018

Another year has come and gone and here we are looking back at the last 12 months again. You guys, this year has been intense and full of so many big changes for our little family. I feel like I say that every year, but between military life, deployments, moving all over the place, and having a ... READ the POST

Family Outing At Pumpkin Valley Farm

Last weekend, our little family decided it was time to go pumpkin picking. Like apple picking, picking a pumpkin is always high on our fall to-do list. Just from scrolling Instagram and looking at my Facebook feed, it seemed that a lot of people (if not everyone), went to Pumpkin Valley Farm in ... READ the POST

Apple Picking At Hansel’s Apple Orchard

Over the weekend, we took a trip to Hansel's Apple Orchard to pick some apples with Allie. I don't know what it is about the fall and autumn traditions, but apple picking is just one of those things I always looked forward to doing when we had kids (along with a million other things still on my ... READ the POST

3 Month Check-In

We are officially done with month 3 and we're now 25% done with this year long separation!  Whoo!  Can you feel the excitement?!  It feels great to know that we've already hit a milestone.  This past month has been a breeze compared to the first two months.  Of course I still had my rough moments, ... READ the POST

Life Lately & A Big Announcement

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend!  I couldn't possibly have asked for a better week last week.  For real, guys.  Life lately has been amazing.  Last week was the first week in a long time where I felt like everything was falling into place rather than falling apart.  So I have SO ... READ the POST

24 Hours In Portland, ME

*This post is sponsored on behalf of Eventbrite.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. The one good thing about growing up in New England is being able to enjoy the autumn months.  Autumn in Maine is absolutely beautiful.  My hometown itself doesn’t offer much, but the Portland, Maine area can ... READ the POST