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Editor’s Picks: 6 Of My Holy Grail Beauty Products

*This post contains affiliate links. I may receive compensation if you choose to click on them or make a purchase. Every woman has their holy grail beauty products. The ones they're constantly buying and relying on. The ones they just cannot get enough of. Lately, I've had some really amazing ... READ the POST

The Best Liquid Foundation For Women With Normal-Dry Skin

*This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on those links could result in a small commision for me. If you have dry and/or fair skin then you know and understand the struggle of finding a foundation that actually matches and helps combat the dryness. I've been on the struggle bus with ... READ the POST

May Product Empties

Good morning and welcome to a new series I'm starting here on Mainely Keating! Recently I've come to realize my bathroom and closet looks like its own ULTA store. It's kind of ridiculous. I have the habit of buying a TON of makeup and beauty products and then to make that obsession worse, I also get ... READ the POST

5 Minute Makeup Routine For Busy Moms

As a busy mom to a very active 9 month old, it's just not always doable or desirable to spend 30 minutes in the bathroom just doing my makeup in the morning. Most mornings, our daughter can be found sitting right under my feet, grabbing at my legs or the cord to the curling iron or playing with the ... READ the POST

12 Beauty Products To Buy On Your Next Target Run

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hump Days are the perfect day for a Target run (although, let's be real here. EVERY day is a good day for a Target run). Like any mom in 2018, Target is like my second home. If I'm not at our actual home then it's likely you'll find me at Target. I don't know what it is ... READ the POST

June Beauty Favorites

Is anyone else here completely hooked on trying new beauty products? I love it! If I end up in Sephora then it's guaranteed I'll leave there with $150 worth of products...every. Single. Time. I have zero self control. Some therapy may be helpful for me somewhere down the road. Apparently June ... READ the POST