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The YouTube Series You Need To Watch If You Hate Pregnancy

The YouTube Series You Need To Watch If You Hate Your Pregnancy |

A few months ago, I discovered that Whitney Eve Port was pregnant. If you’ve ever seen The Hills and/or The City on MTV then you know who this is. If not, then she’s a reality tv star and I absolutely adore her. I’ve been following along with her life since high school (along with Lauren Conrad who’s also pregnant!). Shortly after I found out Whitney was pregnant, I then came across her Youtube channel and instantly fell in love with her new video series called I love my baby, but I hate my pregnancy.

If you’ve been following along for a while now, then you’ll understand why this series caught my eye. As someone who also hated pregnancy, I loved knowing that someone else was feeling the same way and she was sharing it publicly. She wanted to be open and honest with how she was feeling throughout her pregnancy and open up the conversation for those who also struggled during their own pregnancies. This series was such a lifesaver for me and helped me a ton in my last few months of pregnancy.

The YouTube Series You Need To Watch If You Hate Your Pregnancy |

I feel like when you get pregnant, it’s expected of you to love every moment of it. You hear women say things like “the morning sickness is worth it” or “my stretch marks are worth it” and then they’re all super into showing off their baby bumps and they just love every aspect of it. I wasn’t like that. Not even for a moment. I found it so incredibly hard to accept my changing body and as much as I love my baby, I never felt that stretch marks were acceptable simply because I was growing another human. I never felt okay with gaining weight and I hated when people pointed out my baby bump. I was completely miserable.

It’s a topic that isn’t talked about enough. Society focuses on those who love pregnancy and rarely brings up those who don’t. Same with postpartum depression. It’s actually very common for women to struggle during and after pregnancy, yet no one talks about it. It makes it so hard to connect with other moms when your thoughts and feelings just aren’t “accepted”. But because I was so miserable, I almost felt guilty for it. There are so many women out there who struggle with infertility so I almost felt selfish for hating mine as much as I did.

But like Whitney points out in her videos, every woman’s journey through pregnancy and motherhood is different. While we’re all in awe over this wonderful miracle of life, it’s just not enjoyable for everyone. Even having an easy and smooth pregnancy like I had doesn’t guarantee that someone will love every moment of their pregnancy. And that’s okay. You don’t have to love pregnancy and you shouldn’t be made to feel like a horrible person or a horrible mother for feeling that way either.

It’s a given that we all love our children and want what’s best for them. I loved our daughter the moment I found out she existed. Even though I hated my journey through pregnancy, I never for one moment took the experience for granted. I was so thankful to have had such an easy time conceiving and I’m very fortunate to have had such a healthy and smooth pregnancy as well. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat because I now have the most beautiful daughter I could possibly ask for. I completely adore her.

If you’re pregnant and find yourself hating your pregnancy, then I highly suggest following Whitney’s journey. I guarantee it’ll make you feel better. If you want to watch Whitney’s video series, you can follow her on Youtube. You can also follow along with her journey through her Instagram!

Did you hate your pregnancy? What was most challenging for you?

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