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My Top Products For Beachy Waves

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My Top Products For Beachy Waves |

Summertime is easily my favorite time of year. Life in the summer months is just so laid back and I love spending most of my free time at the beach or relaxing by the pool. Because of this, my beauty routine becomes much more basic. No one likes doing a full face of makeup just to have it melt away throughout the day. Or spend hours putting together the perfect hairdo just for it to fall flat from the humidity. In the summertime, a lot of us become much more low maintenance.

One of my favorite parts of the summertime is that beachy waves look you get when you let your hair air dry after a pool or beach day. That unbrushed, slightly messy but super cute hairdo that just screams summertime. Some of us get this look naturally and it looks awesome while others just don’t have the hair for it. Mine, for example, is suuuuper thin and it has a hard time holding that messy look once my hair dries. So I went on the hunt for the best hair products to get me that sexy beachy waves look.

The best thing about this look is that it’s super quick and easy. This makes it perfect for moms or those with busy schedules since it literally only takes about 60 seconds to achieve your desired look. You just choose your favorite product, spray it on damp hair (or dry),  and you’re good to go! So after testing a lot of products, I’ve narrowed it down to my top three favorites:

My Top Products For Beachy Waves |


This is the first product I tried to get beachy waves and I instantly fell in love with it. It’s definitely my favorite of the three. First off, it smells super good and second, it works wonders! You can put it in your hair whether it’s damp or dry so it makes it super easy to get that look quickly and easily no matter what state your hair is in. This is my go to on the days where I don’t have time to straighten my hair or the days  where I forgot/didn’t have time to shower and wash it. I’ll just toss in some product and call it good!

So in order to get the look I like, I like to flip my hair upside down and spray it in that way. It makes it easier to get that messy waves look. If I’m putting in the product at night or first thing in the morning, then I’ll toss my hair into a messy bun to dry overnight or while I’m getting ready for the day. This helps lock the waves in place so it lasts longer. This isn’t a step you have to do. You really can just toss in the product, play around with it with your fingers and then walk out the door. I just like adding the extra step because it tends to lock it in a bit better. So that’s totally up to you and depends on your hair type!


This one is very similar to Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe. The difference for me is that this one doesn’t work as well in dry hair. I’d recommend using this product on damp hair and then tossing it into a messy bun for a bit like I mentioned above to lock it all in. These first two products are perfect for your beach bag if you’re planning on going from the beach (or poor) straight to dinner or whatever it may be. I’ll also throw one of them in my gym bag too because I’m just that obsessed with the scent and look. They’re the perfect products for the summer months.


The final product on this list is a bit different from the first two. This one by Kristin Ess is a little more on the pricey side and it’s an aerosol spray similar to a hairspray rather than being in a liquid form like the first two. This one also works best in dry hair rather than damp or wet hair so it’s better for days where your hair is unwashed or already a bit messy. You can just toss this in your hair, style it how you want it and you’re good to go! The only thing you should watch out for with this product is how much you’re using. You really don’t need a lot and if you put in too much then it can weigh down your hair and/or make it feel icky. But other than that, it works great and I highly recommend it!

What’s your go to summer hairstyle?