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Allie's second snow day and we're most certainly spending it indoors this time.  Allie's been off playing with her toys all morning and this mama has been confined to the couch getting an insane amount of work done. Anyone else feel super stressed this time of year? Thanksgiving is just a few days away and then we're immediately thrown into Christmastime and I'm not sure I'm fully ready for it 😂 between updating last year's holiday content, creating new content for December, and scheduling out all the social media for the next month, I feel like my to-do list is never-ending and none of this will ever get done. But as of right now, I feel like I'm in a pretty good place 👌🏻 anyone else taking full advantage of this Monday morning? Let me know what you're up to in the comments!
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Allie's second snow day and...

Sooo excited to have picked up @michelleobama’s book. I rarely pick up biographies/autobiographies but I’ve had this release date on my calendar for quite some time now. This woman is truly remarkable and inspiring. Anyone else reading this? Let me know your thoughts! •
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Sooo excited to have picked...

Little girl had her very first snow day today! Our little California baby was a little iffy at first but by the end of it, she was happily eating the snow 😍😂 now we just need to get her some snowpants and boots 👌🏻
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Little girl had her very...

[ad] I'm a girl who loves a good manicure so I love to save time and money by doing my nails myself at home. Between constantly typing on my computer, cleaning the house, and chasing a toddler my nails really taking a beating. Because of this, my “manicures” tend to last me maybe 24 hours if I’m lucky. At that point, I was doing my nails on the daily and ain’t no mama got time for that! This week I'm sharing my love for @cndworld and my top tips for getting a flawless manicure from the comfort of your own home! #CNDVINYLUXatRA #sponsored •
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[ad] I'm a girl who...

First Starbucks holiday drink of the season! Anyone else just LOVE red cup season?...although my cup is green 🤔 but that's beside the point. The point is that we're finally headed into the holidays and this girl couldn't be more excited for it 🙌🏻
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First Starbucks holiday drink of...

Doesn’t this adorable little country store just scream New England?! 😍 just a sort 10 minute drive from Portland, the Town Landing Market can be found in Falmouth Foreside, Maine and is on my list of must-see’s if you’re visiting the Portland area. •
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Doesn’t this adorable little country...

Blog Smarter, Not Harder: My Top Social Media Tools For Bloggers

*This post contains affiliate links.

Blog Smarter, Not Harder: My Top Social Media Tools For Bloggers |

I’m a strong believer in making investments in your blog or business in order to grow and get to where you want it to be. While I’ve made a ton of investments in this blog since I first started it, some of the best investments I’ve made are in my social media tools and scheduling apps. Consistency is so important on your social media platforms, but let’s be real here. No one has time to spend all day, every day on social media. If you spend a good majority of your day glued to your iPhone, scheduling out content then it’s going to take away from all the other blogging and business tasks you have on your to do list. So it’s really important to use the best tools! Here’s what I use to keep my social media running smoothly:


Uses: Editorial calendar/WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

First and foremost bloggers need to stay organized and have a great editorial calendar. I began using CoSchedule* about a year ago and instantly fell in love with it. First off, what is CoSchedule? CoSchedule is an easy way to organize all of your blog’s content and social media promotions all in one place. Pretty straightforward. It’s really THE best editorial calendar I’ve come across and I couldn’t imagine using anything else. It’s amazing!

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CoSchedule uses a drag and drop format to make it easy for you to set up your calendar and make changes as you go. It integrates with WordPress allowing you to easily make changes to your calendar without having to go into each individual blog post and make the changes manually. If you drag and drop a post from Monday to Thursday, CoSchedule syncs with WordPress and makes all those background changes for you so you don’t have to. No need to go into those posts and update them with the new date and time you have them scheduled for because CoSchedule already did it!

Not only does CoSchedule help you build your editorial calendar, it also helps you to schedule out your social media as well. It connects to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+, allowing you to schedule out all of your social media content in a single place. So if you want an app that manages absolutely everything, this is a great option!


Uses: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn

I’ve been a long-time fan of Buffer. I use it for Facebook and Twitter and it’s super easy to use! Using the Safari plugin, I’m able to add just about anything to my queue with one simple click which saves me a ton of time. Rather than spending hours on the weekend trying to gather content to share to my various platforms, I can save content as I go so scheduling out my week takes next to no time every weekend.


Uses: Pinterest

While I use Buffer and CoSchedule for a good majority of my scheduling, I do not use them for Pinterest. Pinterest is my top source of traffic for my site and with it not technically being a social media platform, I don’t see the point in using a social media scheduler for it. Not all platforms are created equally so it’s important to me to be using schedulers and tools that are made specifically for each platform rather than using one tool for all of them.

With that said, I use  Board Booster* to completely automate my Pinterest profile so I’m not having to spend all my free time on it. It has a great scheduling system, but the only feature I use on Board Booster is its looping feature. What’s this looping feature I speak of? Well, it’s this awesome life-changing tool that takes pins from your boards and re-pins them to that board starting with oldest content first and working its way to the newer content. It then goes back through and deletes the original so that my boards aren’t filled with multiples. That way your pins are consistently showing up in people’s feeds without you having to do all the work. Pretty cool, right?

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Uses: Pinterest and Instagram

Another great tool that I use for Pinterest is Tailwind. Tailwind is absolutely amazing in that it schedules your pins AND has this awesome thing called Tailwind Tribes which is pretty much like group Pinterest boards. So it’s a great way to get your content seen by others as well as re-pinned. Now as for the scheduling part of Tailwind, this scheduler gives you a list of the best times to pin based on YOUR profile and audience. So ignore all the infographics out there that gives you specific time slots of when you should be posting to all your accounts. This really varies by audience so be sure to be looking at your analytics on a weekly basis.

Between Board Booster and Tailwind, I sit down every Saturday or Sunday and spend maybe 30-45 minutes scheduling out my Pinterest for the ENTIRE week. Sometimes two weeks. That way I don’t have to sit on Pinterest all day, every day pinning a bunch of new content. This includes about 75 to 100 pins a day. And thanks to this system, I’m able to drive a ton of traffic to my site every single day with little to no effort.


Uses: Instagram

Now that we have my blog posts, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest covered, the last platform I use is Instagram. Like Pinterest, Instagram isn’t a platform that I want to be using a generic scheduler for. Platforms like Buffer, Tailwind and CoSchedule just don’t have the advanced features for Instagram that a tool like Planoly has. Planoly not only schedules out my Instagram posts, it gives me a great visual of what my feed looks like (or will look like) before I commit to posting a new image. That way I can make sure my feed looks consistent in editing style.

Another great feature of Planoly is that it allows you to insert placeholder images. For bloggers who want more consistency in their feed, this feature is awesome! I can make notes of images I want to take for my feed and move them all around to find the best posting order. I use this feature as a way to remind myself what images I need to take and upload to the app for scheduling.

Lastly, this tool can be used on desktop in addition to being a phone app! So there’s no more having to transfer images to and from your iPhone and computer in order to post them to Instagram. With Planoly, I can upload photos taken with my Nikon from my desktop into the app, add the caption and hashtags and then officially post it later from my phone. How could it get any easier? Out of all the Instagram scheduling apps I’ve tried, Planoly is by far my favorite one.

While it may seem like I use a lot of tools, they’re all essential to keeping my social media consistent and running smoothly every week. Thanks to having the right tools, my social media takes me maybe an hour or two to schedule out for an entire week (sometimes two) thus allowing me to be present in my everyday life and focus on other tasks. Having great tools is essential to a blogger’s success (and sanity)!

What are your top social media tools for blogging?



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