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Weekend Reading | From The Archives

Weekend Reading: From The Archives | Why Hello Lovely

It’s the weekend!  Kind of.  It’s the weekend for most people.  I, however, usually work throughout the weekend so I don’t see myself really doing anything super exciting.  On the bright side, I’m working on a TON of blog maintenance this weekend, so even if you don’t necessarily notice a difference on your end, just know that everything is much more organized and looking better on my end.

Anyways, I’ve done ‘weekend reading’ posts in the past, but today I wanted to change it up a little.  As some of you may know, I now have articles on SpouseBuzz which is super exciting so I wanted to share those with you along with ten of my older posts that some of you may not have seen if you’re a newer reader.  So today is kind of like a flashback Friday.

About Me + Why I Blog (Sept. 2014)

10 Habits To Make In Your Marriage (Feb. 2015)

5 Surefire Ways To Ruin Your Military Life (Feb. 2015)

Marine Corps 239th Birthday Ball (Nov. 2014)

Common Misperceptions About Military Spouses (Jan. 2015)

Why Every Couple Should Read The Five Love Languages (Jan. 2015)

That Time I Got Kicked Out Of College (Feb. 2015)

8 Awesome Benefits to Young Marriage (Feb. 2015)

The Harsh Truth About Marrying A Service Member (Jan. 2015)

Confessions of a Coffee Addict (April 2015)

And in addition to all of these, you should also check out Dear Murphy: I Hate You And Your Law and Secrets to a Great Relationship With Your Mother-in-Law which I wrote for SpouseBuzz this month!


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