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Weekend Recap | April 21 – 22, 2018

Weekend Recap | April 21-22nd |

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been a while since I lasted posted…like over a month. I actually had no idea it had been that long. BUT I have quite a few big projects I’m working on right now so bear with me. I’ll be sharing details on those shortly. But for now I have content typed up and scheduled for the next couple weeks so there shouldn’t be any more random disappearances!

Anyways, I haven’t done a weekend recap in FOREVER so since we’ve actually been quite busy lately, I thought I’d do a weekend recap and life updates kind of post.

Saturday, April 21st

Saturday was a VERY long day…but I am SOOOOO so excited when it comes to my health and fitness right now. I feel like whenever I say I’m back on track, I fall off the track the very next day. So this time, I waited until I knew for sure I was on my game again. And I am! I am feeling fantastic!

I plan to do a more in-depth post on my postpartum fitness journey as well as my workout routines, but in short, we’ve been going on 5 mile jogs every single morning (we started Saturday morning with a 5 mile jog). I started about a month ago with setting a 5,000 step goal on my Fitbit each day. As a work-at-home mom, it’s not super easy for me to get in 5,000 steps in an average day. Half my day is spend on the floor with Allie and then the other half is spent at my desk. So setting a 5,000 step goal was perfect because it required me to go out of my way a bit to get in those steps.

So to reach my step goal, Allie and I started going on a walk to the park every day in between her morning and afternoon nap. If we took the right route, it helped me achieve my 5,000 steps easily. There and back put me right at the 5,000 mark. So it was perfect! But after almost 2 weeks of hitting my step count every single day with little to no effort, I decided to increase it again. This time to 7,000.

Increasing it by 2,000 was a great increase for me because, again, it required me to take one extra step outside our every day routine to get in those extra steps. So this time, I extended our jog past the park to a nearby highway 2.5 miles from our house. It’s a bit of a stretch and there are a lot of very steep hills between here and there. But I decided to try it one day and killed it! By the time I got home, I had gotten in almost 9,000 steps just on that one jog. So we’ve started almost every day for the last couple weeks with a 5 mile jog to and from that highway and I’m feeling amazing! I’ve been averaging 11,000 steps a day for over a week now and I couldn’t be more proud.

In addition to my morning jogs, I’ve also made it a priority to get to the gym 4-5 days a week as well (or get in a good workout at home during Allie’s morning nap). This has been a little more challenging than getting in my jog simply because I’m not wanting to drive all the way t0 the gym at the end of the day, but I’ve been doing it regardless!

Lastly, I’ve been trying my best to watch what I eat. I typically eat very well and am good about what I put in my body, but I added fasting to my day about a week ago and it’s made a huge difference for me. I fast from 6pm to 10am and then get in my nutrition and calories from 10am t0 6pm.

I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference so quickly (if at all) but between the fasting, eating clean and consistent workouts, I’m already noticing a huge change in my body. I’m looking and feeling so much less bloated and my stomach is already looking so much better and flatter than it did before. I have no doubt that I’ll have my abs back by summer which is super exciting!! Overall, I’m just so happy in the health and fitness department right now.

ANYWHO, that got sidetracked…

So I started Saturday morning with a great 5 mile jog with Allie. By the time we got back home, it was time to transition her to her morning nap so I got her fed, changed and put down and then I went off to the gym for an upper body and ab workout. I was on a roll in the health and fitness department. I felt fantastic!

After my workout, I headed to Target to pick up some miscellaneous groceries we needed and then went home to make myself a late breakfast. Allie was awake from her nap at that point so she and I sat down to eat together and then I hopped in the shower and started gathering everything we needed for the pool.

Once everyone was changed and fed, it was pool time. You guys, I was soooo excited to take Allie to the pool for the first time. It’s quite sad to me that she’s about to be a year old, we live in San Diego and this child has never been to the beach or the pool. I’m also working on a great collaboration with SwimWays right now so I really wanted to get to the pool and test out her new float.

We decided to go in between Allie’s morning and afternoon naps which would have worked perfectly if we had gotten out of the door sooner than we did. I had had a super busy morning with our jog, my workout, errands, my shower, etc. so by the time we left the house Allie had been awake about 2 hours (she normally goes down for naps at 2.5 to 3 hours…just for a little reference there, time-wise). I think it was about 2 o’clock or so and I had planned to put her down for her afternoon nap at 2:30. So that right there should have been a bit of a red flag to me.

Anyways, we packed up everything we needed into the stroller and walked to the pool. Again, I was so super excited to take Allie to the pool for the first time. She looked adorable in her little swimsuit and we had a really fun float to try out in addition to taking a TON of photos I needed for Instagram and my SwimWays campaign. I just wanted to mention again how excited I was for this outing so that maybe you can feel for me a bit when it inevitably goes downhill….

We arrived at the pool and took some cute photos while Zack put together her float and then it all went downhill from there…

Zack hopped in the pool to test out the water and it was quite cold. Which we thought was super odd considering it’s 80+ degrees here every day and there’s zero shade at the pool. The pool is literally in direct sunlight all day and yet it was freezing. We weren’t sure if Allie would go in or not so we sat her on the edge of the pool and it was instant tears. I think it was a mix of the water being cold, her being tired and her possibly being a little scared of the pool. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good. And I slowly got so unbelievably disappointed.

Allie loves the bath tub and water when we’re at home so we had zero doubts that she would love the pool as well. Regardless of it being cold, we really thought she’d love being there either way. This child loves being out and seeing new things and exploring. But nope. She wasn’t having it. So all the product and blog photos I wanted to get done just didn’t happen at all. Which was a bit frustrating because I have so much work to get done for some upcoming campaigns and she just wasn’t cooperating (one of the downsides to being a mommy blogger…babies don’t always want photos…).

We hope to they again in a few weeks. Hopefully by then the water will warm up a bit

Sunday, April 22nd

Sunday was a “lazy” in terms of fitness. I ended Saturday with 15,000 steps on my Fitbit so I was quite proud but waking up Sunday, I was also a bit on the sore side. So we relaxed a bit instead of going crazy with workouts. It was definitely needed.

Sunday morning we eased into our day with cuddles in bed with the little one. We start every morning this way and it’s easily one of my favorite parts of the day. Allie loves crawling all over the bed and cuddling with us and playing with her daddy. So we spent a good hour just curled up in bed together before we finally got up for the day.

Once we were up, I was determined to get some blog. work done. I honestly had no idea it had been so long since I last blogged and since I have so much content being published in the next couple months, I decided I needed a day to sit down and get it all done. Thankfully Allie played in her play yard super nicely all day so it made it very easy for me to sit at the dining room table and work nonstop for the majority of the day.

After Allie’s morning nap, I had a couple errands to run for work. Happy Family just came out with a yogurt line for babies and toddlers and I am super excited to be partnering with them this month. So we skipped on over to Target to pick up the product and get some of the photography done for that blog post. We got SO many looks while we were in Walmart. This is seriously one of the worst things about blogging….the stares. Does anyone else here know what I’m talking about or experience this? I have the photos envisioned in my mind so I’m setting up the shot and pulling out my Nikon. It’s a full photo session in the yogurt aisle of Walmart. Some people just watched me from afar and others got quite annoyed that I was blocking the yogurt. But I’m overall quite happy with the photos so I’m excited to share that post later this week!

Once we were home from Walmart, we spent the rest of the day relaxing. We had pizza and wine for dinner (beer for Zack and milk for Allie haha) and once Allie was down for the night, Zack and I curled up in bed to watch the newest Star Wars movie. We hadn’t seen it yet and Zack is obsessed with Star Wars so he was quite excited to see it. We got maybe 1 hour into it and couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore (we’re lame and are ready for bed by 9pm every night). So that was the end of that! We went to bed. And that was our fun-filled weekend!

How was your weekend? What did you do?