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Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Was it good?  I hope so!  I’m officially feeling very homesick and missing North Carolina a lot.  I don’t even feel like myself anymore which is really upsetting to me.  Zack hasn’t even left yet, but it feels like my entire life and identity have been taken from me and now I’m left feeling lost and confused and flat out annoyed.  I did my best to have a good weekend so here’s my weekend recap!


Friday was my first seriously rough day since arriving in Maine.  I woke up wanting nothing to do with the state of Maine or anyone here.  My entire schedule is off, I was exhausted, I was stressed and frustrated.  It was just a really crappy day.  I spent the first few hours, relaxing in the bedroom because it was the only place I could just be by myself and caught up on some of my favorite blogs.  Connecting with some friends helped a bit, but not enough to really change my mood.

Around noon, Zack wanted to get out of the house so he took me his brother, Mitchell out for some fun.  We wanted to go to Get Air Portland, but since it was a weekend and it was rainy, it was pretty packed.  We would have been waiting an hour before finally getting in.  So instead, we ended up bowling.  We had a blast.  I lost, but it was still so much fun.

Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping - Mainely Keating

later that afternoon, we headed to our hometown of Naples to go to a fish fry.  I went in, feeling better than I had when I woke up and just 15 minutes after arriving, I was ready to go home and cry.  I know no one means to upset me, but the entire dinner was spent listening to everyone ask Zack questions about Japan and telling him how much he’s going to love or hate it there and asking him about his future plans and whether or not he planned to reenlist again.  I understand that they were just curious and wanted to be updated on what was going on with him since he’s not in Maine often, but it took everything in me to keep from breaking down in tears.

Once dinner was finally over, Zack suggested he and I go out for a bit.  He’s not one to acknowledge when I’m upset, but this was his way of “acknowledging” it.  I know he could tell I was upset.  So we went out.  For the first time since arriving in Maine, it was just the two of us.  We started out at Rick’s Cafe which is a huge tourist spot in our hometown.  We had a drink, talked, and then moved onto another bar one town over.

We spent the next few hours driving around town and showing each other where we had grown up.  Even though we grew up in the same town and went to the same school, we were never friends so it was like learning about a whole new side of each other.  I loved talking with him and getting to know him better.  Just from that single night, I feel like I know so much more about him.  I couldn’t have asked for a better end to a crappy day.


Saturday morning, we slept in a bit.  Since our week was so hectic, I literally hadn’t gotten any schoolwork done like I normally would have if we had been in North Carolina.  So by this day, I was pretty stressed out.  I caught up on some schoolwork and blog work and was able to go off to dinner later that night feeling a bit more refreshed than I did when I woke up that morning.

Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping - Mainely Keating

Zack wanted to do a lobster dinner before he left the country so we helped his grandmother buy 16 lobsters (2 for each person) and 5 pounds of clams for a delicious Maine style dinner.  We went to her house earlier in the day to help her get the house cleaned up and ready for company.  This included more wine and beer drinking than anything else, but we still managed to get the house looking good before everyone arrived at 4 o’clock.

Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping - Mainely KeatingWe invited pretty much everyone to this dinner.  It was the two of us, my dad, Zack’s mom, Zack’s brother, his aunt, his cousin and his friend, and his grandmother.  His aunt’s boyfriend couldn’t be there and my sisters were unfortunately in Vermont this weekend visiting our mom so they had to miss out as well.  But it was still great to have everyone together in the same room again!  It was nice having my dad interacting with Zack’s family as well.  It makes me feel like we have one family rather than two which makes life so much easier.

Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping - Mainely KeatingWe started off the evening with clams.  Only five of us ate clams so we each got a pound all to ourselves.  I can’t remember the last time we had clams, but they were delicious.  Especially when soaked in butter.   I wish we could eat like this every night, but it’s just too expensive!

Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping - Mainely KeatingNext came the lobster (of course).  We each got two lobsters, but I could barely make it through one since we had so many clams beforehand (in addition to a salad, bread, and wine).  Zack and I both brought our second one home so that we could use it to make adult macaroni and cheese.  It’s just like normal macaroni and cheese except it has lobster, shrimp, and scallops in it.  It’s amazing and super easy to make!

Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping - Mainely Keating

Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping - Mainely Keating

Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping - Mainely KeatingAfter dinner, Zack and I decided to head to Naples to have a few drinks with a couple of his friends from high school.  It’s still weird sometimes to spend time with his friends.  Even though we went to the same school and grew up in the same town, we had very different friends and memories.  So it’s strange sometimes to be included in his high school crowd.

Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping - Mainely KeatingWe started out at Rick’s Cafe and then made our way to Bray’s.  Both places had live music and we ran into way too many classmates from our graduating class.  It was like having a high school reunion except it was lacking my own friend group.  After we were done drinking, we decided to take a walk around the causeway.  We didn’t have the nice walkway on the causeway when we grew up here.  The town did a lot of construction after we graduated and now everything looks super clean and new.  It was fun to explore our hometown together.

Lobster, Family Time & Bar Hopping - Mainely Keating


Sunday was spent relaxing.  That’s it.  Relaxing and catching up on schoolwork and blog life.  It felt really good to get back to doing my own thing.  I felt like myself again.  I got myself a latte from Dunkin Donuts, curled up on the couch with all my school and blog supplies, and just worked.  All day.  It was absolutely perfect.

Later that night, we had adult macaroni and cheese which tasted amazing.  I even treated myself to a glass of wine for getting all my schoolwork done on time.  Even though we didn’t go anywhere or do anything special, it was a pretty good rainy day.  So much got accomplished and I couldn’t have asked for more.

How was your weekend? Tell me what you did in the comments!


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